Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday #2: Vacation Style

   Hey guys! It has been a while since I've written a post. I just got back from some traveling, looking for a job in Philadelphia and then met up with Brian for a bit of fun in NYC and the DC area (more on that later).
   Today I wanted to join Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday for how I treated myself while out of town.
Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

         Firstly, I enjoyed some cupcakes throughout the two weeks (I might be a little obsessed with cupcake shops ever since I started watching Cupcake Wars). The pictures are from Crumbs bakery, Magnolia Bakery and Alexandria Bakery. 

Magnolia Bakery in NYC

Alexandria Bakery in Old Town Alexandria, VA (shared these cupcakes with our hosts and Brian's parents)

         I also had some successful shopping trips. Do you ever go shopping for something in particular and can't find anything, but then you go shopping not planning to buy anything and suddenly you find a million things you like and fit you?? I swear this always happens to me. Anyway during one shopping trip I got a dress that I can wear to one of the weddings I will be going to this year and a pink blouse for work. 
awkward mirror selfies

         Later in the week, Brian and I stopped at an outlet mall, mostly for him to get shoes, but I couldn't pass up the Ann Taylor outlet. I got a blazer, 2 blouses and a pair of pants for a total of $100! For Ann Taylor, that is an awesome deal that I just couldn't pass up. I was literally so excited and smiling the whole way home. Nothing like a bit of shopping to make your day! Now I will be ready for work when I get a new job. 

        The outlet mall also had a chocolate shop that I decided to walk into. We walked out with chocolate covered graham crackers, pretzels, oreos and some truffles. They were all delicious! 

    Finally on my way home yesterday, I treated myself to an iced tea from Starbucks (since I had $2 left on a gift card) and then bought myself a magazine to keep me entertained for the flight home.

        Well I'd say that was a successful vacation of treating myself. I still can't believe the deal I got at the Ann Taylor outlet. It just makes me so excited to work again and have new clothes. For now though, it's time to save some money until I get a job. Hopefully I can find some cheaper ways of treating myself. 
        I'm off to Michigan today to visit with my best friend and her baby (I may have gotten the baby some treats too). Have a good day everyone!


  1. I love your cupcake lineup! I am so jealous!!! I used to be one of those gals who made sure that a dessert place was in my travel plans. I am now living vicariously through you and your post!

  2. Oh my goodness, ALL of the cupcakes! I love it!! And now I most definitely need dessert tonight ;) Thanks for linking up!

  3. I tried a bunch of cupcakes in LA once to see which was the best... not Sprinkles! I think Magnolia was super cute with their decor, but I ended up liking Babycakes even though it's gluten free!