Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What I ate on Vacation WIAW #2

       Happy Wednesday! So I meant to post this last week but didn't have time to get the post together. I'm linking up with Jenn for another WIAW.

         My pictures are mostly from lunches and dinners out. Most of the time for breakfast I just had oatmeal or a luna bar, but there were a couple days I had pancakes and forgot to snap pictures, oh well. My lunches and dinners seem to have a common salad theme to them. Maybe this is why I haven't eaten much salad since getting back home. However these salads were delicious, especially with some avocado.

For example, the best $10 chicken avocado salad. They literally gave me a WHOLE avocado! I wasn't even that hungry as we ate an early dinner this day, but I made sure not a single piece of avocado went to waste.

   Then there were salads from Whole Foods. I love their garlic kale from the salad bar!

Then the simple salads I made in my hotel room.
A spiedies salad in Binghamton, NY.

Another chicken avocado salad enjoyed at a restaurant in DC.
A night out for dinner at Four Sisters Vietnamese Restaurant with Brian, his parents and family friends who were kind enough to let us stay with them. This food was sooo good. Definitely had a food coma after this meal. We ordered multiple plates and shared.
chicken and broccoli

sooo much delicious food

a giant crepe

Last lunch out in Old Town Alexandria, VA at Flat Iron Steak and Saloon. Delicious chicken and avocado tacos. When I got home, I immediately had to make some similar tacos, because these were sooo good.

Later that night, Brian and I had a casual date night at a Chinese restaurant. I think it was one of the most successful date nights because we managed to talk and stay off our phones. Plus the food was delicious. Here was my ginger chicken dish.

    I tried to eat fairly healthy while I was out of town and I think I was pretty successful. As nice as it is to have other people make your food, I missed the kitchen and making my own food at home, so it has been nice to be back. It's also a lot cheaper which is better on my bank account ;)

     Can't wait to see everyone else's eats today! Hope everyone has a good day!

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