Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Cleaning MIMM #6

Happy Monday everyone!! It's time to join Katie for another round of marvelous in my Monday. 

Marvelous is…

….getting the chance to dance on stage with my favorite Zumba instructor on Saturday at class. I have always wanted to but have been nervous about messing up the steps while on stage. I was so glad I finally got the courage to go up on the stage when the instructor pointed at me to join her on Saturday. I’m going to miss this gym when I move.

…seeing this adorable little girl over the weekend

…doing some spring cleaning. To be honest I never really spring clean much, but since I’m moving in a couple weeks, it’s forcing me to clean up my room/go through stuff. I save too much stuff, but finally letting go. Good memories though as I sort through things.

Disney Quest Chicago
Hershey world in 2005

Filling the recycling bin with old school papers

…going to a couple yoga classes and continuing yoga challenges on Instagram

...and finally playing with my new spiralizer. Made zucchini for the first time. So good with grape seed oil and a little garlic and salt.

       And that concludes my marvelous weekend. Hope everyone has a good Monday! 


  1. Love those spiral noodles! I just saw a spiralizer at Bed Bath and Beyond recently and was wondering, "what the heck is this thing?". Very cool :)

    1. Yeah it is so much fun to use and makes eating veggies more fun :)