Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend MIMM #7

    Happy Monday! It was such a beautiful weekend to be outside, especially on Easter Sunday, which definitely made the weekend marvelous so I'm linking up with Katie for MIMM. Thanks Katie!

    Saturday I enjoyed what may have been my last zumba class at my current gym. It was a really fun class and even better was that I got to dance on the zumba stage again. After class I made sure to thank the instructor as I have really enjoyed her classes over the last year and a half.

      In the afternoon, I went to Target since they are closed on Easter. I always forget which stores are closed on Easter. As I was checking out, the cashier guy was telling me and the woman in front of me checking out about all the peep stories he had heard over the last couple days. Being Easter weekend, everyone was buying their last minute Easter basket goodies (including peeps, which I don't even like) and eggs to dye. In fact, my Target sold out of large eggs, but luckily still had some extra large eggs in stock. Well the guy was explaining that he heard if you put two peeps with toothpicks in them and put them in the microwave, it looks like the peeps are fighting and apparently peeps do not explode in the microwave, but I'm not going to attempt that. Maybe this is what people do when they don't like to eat them.

         After all the peep stories, the woman in front of me was talking about how she has lots of food prep to do and I noticed all the groceries she had. Target was having a deal this week if you bought over $50 of groceries you got $10 off. I actually ran around the store quickly as I was picking things up to check if I was near $50, but I was only half way there with my stuff. Knowing I wouldn't need the coupon, I offered it to the woman in front of me and she was grateful. It makes me so happy when I can give away coupons I won't need. Sometimes I also leave them on the shelf near the item as well, hoping someone will take it and use it.
            On Sunday, me and my sister got some tasty goodies in our Easter baskets. I also think we look very alike in this picture.

            Then one of my sister's friends came over and we dyed Easter eggs in the afternoon.

my cute Hello kitty Easter egg
     After dying eggs and taking selfies with our eggs (yeah we are a little weird), my sister's friend thought about displaying the eggs in a basket and then we had a little photo shoot. Thanks to my dad for taking the pictures!

       This little photo shoot was tons of fun. It was so nice outside! 

           A little later, I had to do a bridge over the egg basket. My sister's friend also captured this lovely photo as I was getting ready to go into bridge. I just happened to be in boat pose.

       Besides this Easter fun, we also made progress on putting up new storm doors on our two back doors. Holidays at my house usually means some sort of house project as well since that is the only time my dad gets time. I'd say it was a pretty marvelous weekend and my last weekend living at home. Moving next weekend!!

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