Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!!

     Today is Earth day!! Back when I was in elementary school, they used to hand out a small tree (or a couple little twig like looking things with roots on them) to everyone at the end of the day on Earth Day. Trees are so important for our environment and I loved having the opportunity to plant my own tree and watch it grow. The school unfortunately stopped doing this by the time I reached 5th grade probably due to budget cuts. I'm not sure how many people actually planted their trees, but I planted mine, starting in pots before moving to the ground in my backyard. Some didn't make it because the root was too tiny or I was not good about watering it, but there are 4 trees that did and I always like to go over to them in my backyard and see how much they have grown because I'm so proud of them for surviving (especially with my lack of watering over the last few years...). I'm not sure what type of pine trees they are, but their needles are soft which I love so you don't have to worry about poking yourself when you touch them.
         The other day I took a picture with my beautiful Earth day trees, most of which are now just a bit taller than me. Now I can look back at these photos and always remember my trees since I'm moving.

   So Happy Earth day!! I hope you find some way to celebrate this beautiful Earth we live on.

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