Saturday, May 31, 2014

I'm Back

Hello again blog world. I’m writing this from over 10,000 feet in the air, flying home for the weekend. The girl sitting in front of me was taking a lot of pictures with her phone of the sunset and the clouds. Once we reached over 10,000 feet, I decided to take a few cloud pictures as well. 

Sometimes I wish you could jump on clouds, but you would just fall right though. :(  At least the clouds still have their beauty!! I also got a sunset picture as we were about to land in Chicago. It's kind of cool to fly in the evening, leave at sunset and gain an hour so you arrive at sunset. 

 So I literally disappeared from blog land for a month. Let’s catch you up on my life. The last month I have been settling in at my new apartment in Philadelphia and looking for a job. I moved to Philadelphia on my own without knowing anyone or having a job. Everyone keeps calling me brave. However my boyfriend shares the apartment with me, but he lives on his work site and hasn’t had much time off.

So I’m now settled into my apartment, have explored the surrounding areas and enjoying the parks, little shops and restaurants around and overall feeling pretty safe. I found a nice yoga studio not too far from the apartment and also a gym.
enjoying the duck pond

reading and working on my tan

The first three weeks at my apartment, I didn’t have internet so I spent a lot of time at the local library, which luckily I can walk to. However I was stuck with my 6 year old super slow laptop. I feel like 6 years is not that old, but when you are talking technology, it’s like ancient right? Being that old, the battery life is pretty much non existent so I always had to find an outlet to sit by which limited the areas in the library I could sit and it’s so old, it can’t handle uploading pictures from my new camera, so there was no blogging and the quality of my photos on instagram were terrible as they were actually pictures of pictures. After three weeks, it was nice that my desktop could be useful for more than watching DVDs again.

Anyway, on the job front, I met with so many recruiters and the first two weeks were a long waiting game, but then suddenly I was getting calls from everyone that people wanted to interview with me. So the last three weeks I have had multiple interviews and finally got a job offer at a company I really liked and feel like it will be a good fit for me. Even better, I get to take the train to work and I’m excited about that. 
train tracks on a beautiful sunny morning

Philadelphia is full of hills everywhere and I am used to the flatlands of Chicago and the Midwest. Let’s just say I don’t really feel that safe in my car when it rains or snows and there are hills involved. Also, the trains are just so much nicer here than I’m used to in Chicago. Well, the Metra in Chicago is nice, but the subway is more convenient since it has more stops and that is what I usually take to downtown and this train is definitely much nicer than the subway in Chicago. Of course this is shown in their prices since it’s double the cost of taking the subway in Chicago, but totally worth the cost for the smooth and quick ride. In addition to that, the train station runs under my work building, which means when it is snowing or raining, I don’t even have to walk outside!! Reminds me of my university with all the tunnels connecting buildings so you could avoid outside in winter as much as possible which people like to do since I went to school in Buffalo.

So now I have two weeks left of freedom, aka not working. I plan to enjoy my late morning gym time, some middle of the day yoga classes, reading at the park and lots of relaxing before going back to work. Now that I have officially signed an acceptance letter and received an offer, I can be more relaxed and really soak up these next two weeks. Then I will be nice and refreshed and ready to work and learn new things while exploring Philadelphia. I am very excited for this next chapter in my life and hoping to meet some great people along the way. J

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