Saturday, April 12, 2014

Birthday Reflections

   On Wednesday I turned 24 years old. I feel like I was only just getting used to saying I was 23 when people asked me how old I am. Anyway last year my birthday was terrible because everyone pretty much forgot it. I also didn't even get a cake, cupcake, cookie cake or anything. This year I wanted to change that. I was actually counting down to my birthday for the past couple months knowing I needed to plan/do something.
    After getting laid off from my job at the end of February and already planning to move, I finally booked a trip to Philadelphia for interviews and apartment hunting and of course some tourist things for the end of March. I then went to NYC and the Washington DC area for a few days each with my boyfriend Brian and some of his family friends.
    It was so nice to spend time with Brian after we hadn't seen each other in 2 months.

      After a week traveling with him, I came home on Monday, but then left Tuesday for a quick trip to visit my best friend Mercedes and her new baby Isabella. It was wonderful to spend my birthday morning holding this little girl. 

    I then drove home and found a nice card from my sister with a Victoria Secret gift card inside. 

I also got a spiralizer and had to try it out right away with a sweet potato. So delicious!

Then my mom came home with a cookie cake that I requested and she made us take some pictures before eating it. We also only had 12 candles. We only had 12 candles for my sister's 18th birthday too. For mine it just happened to be that I'm turning 24 so each candle counts as 2 candles right?!?

me and my dad (my sister was complaining my smile wasn't happy enough so that's what this face is about)

me and my sister

Overall it was a much better birthday than last year. I like even numbers better anyway. Here's to hoping this year is better than last with new and exciting opportunities to come. 

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