Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Recap in Pictures

     Recapping my long weekend with me, myself and I. It was lonely at times, but enjoyed the weather and experienced Philadelphia's big free concert and fireworks, although around 10pm Friday night at the fireworks people started running for their lives and I heard someone was shot and I was really scared too, but I made it home alive and safe. Not sure what I will do next year for the 4th because basically Philadelphia was a concert which was cool except when the speakers would stop working and it was just very crowded and a short fireworks show.

     Starting with Friday morning, I went to yoga, because my gym was closed, but luckily the yoga studio I go to was open.

Didn't do much during the day Friday other than catch up on some tv shows, but then Friday evening headed down to the largest free concert on the parkway in Philadelphia! Crazy amounts of people! It was pretty cool to see Jennifer Hudson and Nicki Minaj among many others perform, even if I could only see the screens. 

At 10:55 pm, my legs were so tired of standing and the fireworks finally began. 

I started walking towards the train during the fireworks but was able to get a few pics. 

this was the finale behind the trees
Saturday morning I enjoyed the sunshine, reading and doing some yoga at a local park. 

In the afternoon, I went shopping. I will share what I actually bought tomorrow. 
Then there was some more reading time and getting some sun before it set for the night. 

Sunday was grocery shopping and food prep day. I felt like packing the rainbow for my lunch today and eating the rainbow for dinner last night. 

        It was nice to have a long weekend and the last one until Labor Day. Today is the beginning of week 4 for me at work. I have been easing into working again with a couple short weeks, but now it's 5 day weeks for a while. Hoping to learn a lot in the coming weeks!!

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