Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday #6

Do you ever have days where your head just feels clogged and you are so tired and just don't feel like really doing anything? Well that was my Monday this week...a true Monday, tired all day. I blame the clouds and the rain that was coming. My mood is seriously so different when the sun is out versus when it is cloudy, but at least the sun was peaking out for my lunch time yesterday and I dragged myself to the gym after work even though I was still tired. Once I got to the gym though, it was a different story. The weights were a bit heavy, but once I started sweating and getting into the groove and lifted some weights, I hopped on the treadmill and ran a mile in under 12 minutes. I'm not a runner at all so my fast walk/running a mile in that time was pretty impressive to me and I was so energized. Suddenly after a long Monday, I had energy and after that mile, sweat was dripping into my eye, which wasn't too fun, but I was happy to have some energy back. Guess I just needed a little bit of gym time to cure my cloudy mood.

Anyway enough about Monday, today is Tuesday and that means it's time to link up with Becky for some treats!

Honestly this treat yourself Tuesday makes me so happy! It definitely serves its purpose in reminding me to treat myself from time to time (or weekly).

Let's start with a real treat on Friday! As I have mentioned previously I am kinda obsessed with cupcake places and cupcake trucks ever since watching Cupcake Wars. Friday I got to try a new to me cupcake truck, Buttercream. I got the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake. It was delicious!!

After last weekend, I thought I was done shopping, but I guess I was wrong. The day after my shopping spree, I was doing my laundry and then noticed my bra broke. Have you ever had the underwire come out of your bra? At first it was just poking out a bit, but after wearing it during Zumba on Saturday, it was quite painfully poking into my chest. In case you were wondering, but you probably weren't, that's the underwire and the ends are sharp, just a warning...

Luckily I had already ordered a new one. I like Victoria Secret bras but I prefer using a coupon when I buy things there. I searched online and found myself a $10 off a bra code and purchased this one in the nude color. It's so comfy and I love it! 

Saturday morning I walked to the farmers market. I have only been going there for a few weeks, but love the fresh produce. Today I just got some blueberries and kale and a granola bar which was my post workout snack later in the day. The past couple weeks I have also bought some zucchini (the whole reason I got a spiralizer), but decided to wait till next week for those as I have so many veggies filling my fridge right now. I also get the chance to use my lovely canvas bag from Insprialized. I love this bag for the farmers market, carrying books and more!  

After my Zumba workout Saturday I went to Target and there happens to be a DSW across from it, so I decided to stop there and look at shoes for work. My black flats are starting to wear out, probably because I have had them for 2 years and wear them all the time! So I tried on some flats. First let me say I really hate flats! They are too flat for my feet. My feet like arches like in running shoes, even though I am not a runner. However my other issue is I really can't walk in heels nor do I want to wear those either, so work shoes are tough. I stick with flats, but try to get some that have a slight heel. After trying on many pairs of flats and thinking I would leave the store empty handed, I tried these on.

At first I couldn't decide. They were a little snug, but they didn't have the next half size up so it was either this size or no flats. I stood in them for a bit, walked the aisle of the store for a bit and honestly they were pretty comfy. I then tried on some other pairs of flats and then made my way back to these and decided that it was best to have a back up pair of shoes. If I only buy flats once every 2 years, well I guess that is worth it. These seem a lot more comfy than my other pair so I definitely hope they are better for walking around the city with.

Later on Saturday, I went to Whole Foods. Half the reason I go there is to bring my recycling, because my apartment complex doesn't have recycling. I like to be as environmentally friendly as I can and so I bring my paper, plastic and bottles to Whole Foods. Unfortunately it's not like when I was in college and people would bring cans and get a 5 cent credit per can, but I still reward myself with a chocolate bar and also picked up some tea, plus I know I am helping the environment and having less waste by recycling. I always find a little treat for myself at Whole Foods! As you can see I like mint and chocolate. They are probably two of my favorite things!   

       I have been drinking a cup of tea each night as I always need something after dinner and am trying my best to avoid too many sweets. The tea is perfect to end my evening and help me relax!
        Those were my treats for the week. I think I should be set on clothes for now. There is always room for chocolate treats though :)  Hopefully today will go better than yesterday.

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  1. That cupcake looks delicious!! Great treats!