Thursday, July 31, 2014

Some Facts About Me

     I have seen bloggers do some of these posts about facts about themselves and I love reading them so I thought I would do a post about some facts about me. It's a perfect day for it too as it's Thinking Outloud Thursday with Amanda!


        I had planned to write up 24 facts since I am 24 years old, but I only got to 14 as I was writing them down while sitting at the duck pond and being eaten alive by bugs. Thank goodness for anti itch cream when I got home.

 Let's get to the facts now...

1) I was never good at keeping a diary when I was little, but once I got to college, I typed a personal journal nearly everyday for the first two years anyway. Sometimes I would come up with 1,000 words a day!!

2) I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago (45 min from downtown) but still have never been to a Chicago Cubs or Sox or all those Chicago sports games, except for the one Chicago Bulls and one Chicago Blackhawks games I attended thanks to box seats from my last job.

3) While talking about Chicago, I have visited the museums numerous times with my favorite being the Museum of Science and Industry. I've actually slept over there many times. A night at the museum is quite fun :)


4) I have also "slept with the fishes" at the Shedd Aquarium.
5) I used to eat mint chocolate chip ice cream every night after dinner and if we ran out of ice cream I would complain of getting a sore throat without my ice cream

6) I used to drink at least 6 glasses of milk a day (since I don't like juice) in addition to that ice cream. Now I'm lactose intolerant (though never actually tested for to make it official, but I avoid dairy products now)

7) On that note, I was never a big cheese person. I hear this is "un-American", but I was always weird ;)

8) Ever since being lactose intolerant ( 6 years now), I miss mac and cheese the most. Kraft thick and creamy was my favorite! Oddly I don't miss ice cream, the stomach pains I started to get after trying to continue to eat it were too much.

9) I didn't start working out at a gym until my junior year of college when my boyfriend get into weightlifting. Funny thing is now I'm a workout addict and he is lazy and not wanting to get out of bed...

10) I am a very low maintenance person. As my dad likes to point out, I went to college freshmen year with more stuff than I brought by the time my senior year came. Each year everything fit into one car and by my senior year, there was actually EXTRA space in the car for more things if I had wanted.

11) I love being outside in big open fields! Especially when I get a good yoga practice in.

12) I majored in math because I couldn't imagine not having a math course in my schedule.

13) I never had a plan of what to do after college with my math degree. I just thought it was good to give me lots of opportunities for jobs but slowly learning how I can use my analytic skills I developed in my new job :)

14) two months ago, I packed up my car and moved to a new city, not knowing anyone and no job lined up. People keep telling me how brave I am. Years ago I never could have imagined doing that but I think it was one of the best decisions of my life :D

      And there you have it, some random facts about me. Hope you enjoyed them!!

P.S. Anyone in the Philadelphia area, I would love to connect with some people.

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  1. Spending a night in a museum sounds like so much fun! And girl... moving to a new city where you don't know anyone is totally brave! Sometimes I get hit with those urges to pack up and start fresh, but I have yet to actually do it. Maybe one day :)