Friday, July 25, 2014

Good Company and Good Food

    I know most people usually do summaries of their weekend, but my weekend is usually the same grocery shopping and gym and food prep. This week, however, has been quite different besides just working at the office and I wanted to share.
     Monday after work, my cousin, Chris, had driven down to Philadelphia to see my apartment and the new town I was living in. I got home from work, quickly changed my clothes and then we were off to dinner. I decided to go to Samurai Japanese Restaurant. I had tried it once before with Brian and we really enjoyed it and they have sushi which I know Chris enjoys (me, not so much). I ordered the chicken fried rice while Chris got some sushi. I was a bit too busy talking to take pictures of my food, but instead enjoyed the evening.
    After dinner, we took a walk through my town and over to the next town where Haverford College is and the wonderful duck pond, though the duck pond was filled with like a million geese. I did see 2 ducks though. We talked through the whole walk and walked through the campus of Haverford College a bit. Neither of us knew where we were going, have to love the blind leading the blind, but we ended up on a main road and I knew where we were from there. It was about a 4 mile walk, but with talking the whole way, the time flew by.
     It was just after 8pm when we returned to my apartment and we got to talking about my kitchen light being out. I found a box of my books sturdy enough for Chris to stand on and take the cover off the light. We then decided to take a drive to Home Depot to get a couple light bulbs and voila! A working and brighter light in my kitchen!! [If you ask Chris the story of Monday night, he'll tell you he drove 400 miles to change a light bulb lol]

    Anyway that was a good perk to having him stop by and getting light in my kitchen again. I bet maintenance forgot about me. They are so terrible here and only stop by when they get a long list of things to do it seems. 
     The rest of Monday evening was pretty great! Clearly me and Chris had a lot of catching up to do because it was non stop talking till midnight when we decided we should get some sleep. 
      Tuesday morning came and Chris and I chatted a bit while I ate breakfast before I headed to work. Then he left to go back to Rochester, NY for the week for his vacation. 
       I made it through Tuesday morning at work pretty well, despite my 5 hours of sleep. Lunch time came and I was expecting a cupcake truck at Love Park that was on the schedule but sadly, it didn't show up. Feeling like I needed something to get me through the rest of the day and since I was kind of craving sweets after thinking about what cupcake I would order, I headed to Corner Bakery. When I ordered just a chocolate chip cookie, the woman at the register was like "that's it" and didn't even ring it up. She grabbed the cookie and I tried to give her a dollar for it and she said "don't worry about it." My response was "really?!?" as I was all excited that I got this cookie for free. Their cookies are so good and it tasted even better getting it for free. 

           I'm not going to lie, Tuesday afternoon was pretty rough. The lack of sleep was catching up to me as I stared at spreadsheets on the computer. Of course staring at spreadsheets can be pretty tiring when you do get a decent night's sleep. I couldn't wait to leave the office for the day and when 4:30 finally came, I was so happy!
          My energy started to return after I ate a quick snack and finished my leftover fried rice for dinner before heading to Zumba. I was pretty determined to make it through Zumba despite how tired I seemed and guess what? It was one of the best Zumba classes I have had in a long time!! I really got into the music and singing along and dancing and had a blast. I made it through the whole class without a problem and was fully energized again. 
           When I got back to my apartment, Brian had already arrived!! We hadn't seen each other since July 2nd, which wasn't that long ago, compared to how long we are usually apart, but it was nice to see him again and spend the night with him. 
            On Wednesday, I had plans to go out to lunch with some of my co workers. They decided on Ruby Tuesdays and the service was kind of slow. I think our lunch lasted a bit longer than an hour, but we enjoyed getting out of the office and I enjoyed talking to them about my move here and my boyfriend. I order the Chicken Fresco. Ruby Tuesdays has two serving sizes, a petite portion and an entree portion. When I asked the waiter how big the petite portion was, he said "it's really small" so I surprised the ladies and ordered the entree version and I was glad I did. The entree version came and we were all like "if that's the entree, what does the petite size look like??" as it was a very small piece of chicken and my sides of broccoli and grilled zucchini. It was tasty though and then I munched on some french fries from other plates. 

                 Meanwhile, Brian was setting up a tv he bought in the apartment and making the apartment a huge mess. After I got out of work, Brian met up with me in the city. Seeing as I had a late lunch, I wasn't ready for dinner yet, so we walked around and stopped at Philly Cupcakes. I was feeling a bit cupcake deprived after Tuesday and last Friday when the cupcake trucks didn't show. I got a delicious cookies and cream cupcake. It was a great before dinner snack!
                   We then headed to the restaurant I had planned to go to but it was quite packed and so we turned around, planning to go to a bbq place, but passed a steak house and decided to just go there. It was 90 degrees and very humid outside, so after all that walking, we wanted some air conditioning and to cool off. The steak place was very delicious and also VERY expensive. Luckily Brian treated us to the steaks and we both enjoyed our steaks sizzling with butter on the plate when they came out and also a nice salad beforehand. Since we don't see each other often, a date night is nice when we do. 

                Wednesday evening, we could not have timed our train ride back any more perfectly. We knew there were storms coming and after dinner, we walked to the train and saw the dark clouds appearing in the sky. By the time we boarded the train and got out from underground, it started pouring! Brian turned to me and asked "you don't melt in the rain right?" and I said "no." 
                While sitting on the train, Brian was looking at the radar on his phone with the yellow and green areas hovering over our town. Luckily, by the time the train got to our stop, the rain had passed. There was still lighting and thunder as we walked back to the apartment, but no rain. The rain started again a bit later, but we stayed nice and dry :)
               By the time we got back, I was so tired. The lack of sleep during the week was really catching up with me and we pretty much just headed straight to bed. Finally I got a decent night's sleep and woke up Thursday well rested. 
               Brian met up with me in the city for lunch on Thursday and we went to the restaurant that I had wanted to go to last night that was too crowded. It was much better at lunch time and I got a delicious salad while Brian enjoyed some quesadillas and soup. 
                  Once we finished with lunch, we walked over to Corner Bakery and I got another chocolate chip cookie and a snickerdoodle cookie for us to share. I have had a lot of sweets this week, but I don't regret them at all. They were delicious treats!!
                 I then brought Brian up to my office and introduced him to a few people. He had some nice conversations with them including my boss. The rest of my day went by pretty quickly and then I headed to the gym after work for a nice workout, including running a mile in 11 minutes and 30 seconds. That is pretty good for me not being a runner. I think all the walking I have been doing lately is definitely getting me in better shape for running. 
              To sum it up, it has been quite a week. A lot more eating out than I am used to but I made some healthy choices and really enjoyed all the company over the week. 
             I am happy today is Friday and I will get some time to catch up on reading blogs and checking Instagram over the weekend and also get to play around with a new 39 inch TV in my bedroom. I don't have cable, but Brian got an antenna and a Roku box. 

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