Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Saturday Shopping Spree: Treat yourself Tuesday #5

    Today I am linking up with Becky for another Treat Yourself Tuesday!                                                    

    On Saturday, I decided to take the train to a nearby shopping center and Trader Joes. I have been looking for more work shirts and with it being a holiday weekend, that of course meant sales! However it seems that every time I go shopping for something in particular, I can never find it. It's when I am casually browsing and don't plan on spending money that I find tons of things I like...
     I walked in and out of many stores empty handed. Then I came to a new to me store, White House Black Market. I was walking around and a sales woman asked me if I was looking for anything in particular. I always tell the sales people I am just browsing around. After I was looking around for a few minutes and was about to leave, she said to me "if you like denim shorts, we have some over here" as she noticed I was wearing denim shorts. It's funny because I wasn't looking for shorts in particular, but I actually have been wanting new denim shorts for years. I always see the pre-ripped and frayed shorts in the stores and I just want some plain denim shorts that aren't torn up like the teens wear these days, but I want short shorts, not knee length which is all I usually fine in the woman's section. The shorts I have been wearing and that I was wearing on Saturday are actually a few sizes too big for me (I used to buy clothes a size up or two from what I really was and I do weight maybe 5 pounds less) and probably from my middle school years, so I'd say they are almost 10 years old....yeah...probably time to get some new shorts and really I have been looking for years. So when she mentioned shorts, she definitely caught my attention. It also helped that shorts were 40% off. She got me started with the shorts and then asked if I wanted blouses for work. I mentioned I wanted blouses that look good with jeans and black pants, because I actually learned you can wear jeans to the office everyday of the week. EVERYDAY! It is pretty awesome!!
       So I started trying on shorts and the woman assisting me was going through the store with another assistant and looking for things that I might like. Before I knew it, I had probably 20 shirts to try on. That is definitely my style of shopping, have someone pick out things for me and bring them to me. I am no expert at all when it comes to fashion and style...I mean I was wearing my big shorts for nearly 10 years...My other problem is I hate spending money. Really, I do. But I have finally learned that my wardrobe needs some updating and so I am trying to buy things here and there to hopefully get some style and look like I am older than 16 (because I get mistaken for being 16 when I am actually 24).
        I have no idea how long I was trying shirts on, but it was tons of fun! I tried things on that I would definitely not pick out myself and some of them I just hated and I would immediately make faces in the mirror looking at myself in them. Others, were OK and the few I bought were the ones I loved. Here is what I ended up with at the end of the day:

new shorts and top

another nice top for a night out

the top is new. I had the short sleeve jacket and pants
             It may have been a little more than I would have liked to spend but all but 1 of the tops was on sale and the shorts were a good deal, super comfy and actually in my size! Now I can go to work, smiling and feeling confident in my new clothes.
           After getting my clothes, I stopped at Trader Joes which is also in the shopping center area and got this treat.
         That wraps up my treats for this week. I have to find some cheaper treats next week LOL. Hope everyone enjoys their day and remember it's alright to splurge from time to time. :)

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