Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Treats upon Treats Weekend: WIAW #7

      This past weekend I got to spend some time with my boyfriend, Brian, traveling around between New York state and Pennsylvania. As I recap my weekend, I thought I would share some of my food on the road, which I will add was not the healthiest and my stomach did not always enjoy it, but hey I was traveling and enjoying myself.
       I left work at 1 on Friday and we were on the road to Albany by 2:15pm. What was supposed to be a 4 hour drive turned into a 6 hour drive and I was not a fan of the stop and go traffic. Eventually we passed the red spots on the map and stopped at a rest stop. Being that it was past 6pm and we still had about 2 hours left of our drive, I decided to get a Starbucks iced tea and cran bran muffin. At that moment it seriously tasted like the best muffin ever and settled my stomach.

        We finally arrived in Albany at Brian's friend's house at 8pm. It was a BBQ party and there was some food leftover from 2 hours prior to when the party started. I didn't think I would eat anything with it being so late, but enjoyed a BBQ chicken breast and too many chips to count. No picture as I ate it too fast and did not even think of taking a picture.

         Saturday morning, we went out to a cute little restaurant in Ballston Spa, NY called Iron Roost. We met up with another one of our college friends, Marc, who lives in the area and enjoyed catching up on each other's lives and work and such. My breakfast was so delicious!! I enjoyed a waffle with chocolate chips (and hardly had to use the syrup because the chocolate was so good) and some sausage.

After breakfast we walked around the cute little town and farmers market they were having. We picked up some treats for later from a bakery. 

Marc and me
    Around 9:30 we were on the road again, headed to Penn Yan for my roommate from freshman and junior year of college. It was about a 4 hour drive (with stops) and I enjoyed a treat from the bakery we stopped at this morning while riding in the car.

peanut butter chocolate chip cookie
        We arrived at the bridal shower just a half hour late, but it worked out perfectly as we enjoyed the appetizers and then played a game and chatted. It was a couples bridal shower and it just so happened Brian had off from work to attend. He wasn't looking forward to it, really, thinking he was going to be the only guy, but I was also the only girl at the party Friday night so I think it evened out. Plus he ended up not being the only guy and enjoyed chatting with the bride and groom to be.
         Now I must get to all the delicious food we ate there. Appetizers included cheese, crackers and pretzels. For a drink, I enjoyed iced tea in the cute mason jars!! I think I may have drank my weight in iced tea while I was there as I kept getting more.

     A little later we enjoyed some lunch/dinner. Somehow my friend knew exactly what I have been craving, BBQ, corn on the cob and baked beans! It was perfect! Also some unpictured corn bread (clearly I was a little hungry).

         After eating, we played another quick game and then it was time to bring out the cakes! We got a preview of the wedding cake flavor, strawberry filling with vanilla cake. It was really good! I split a piece with Brian since I was so full though.

         Then it was time for the bride and groom to be to open gifts and we were instructed to help ourselves to cookies to take home or eat then. I ate one and took 2 home. Let's just say after all that food and sweets and iced tea, my belly was not too happy with me and I guzzled down water only for the rest of the evening.

Me and the Bride to Be

      The shower ended around 5pm and it was time to drive to Brian's brother's apartment. Another 3 hour drive! Luckily the drive went pretty smooth and quick. I even got a yoga break at a rest stop.

        We reached our destination at 8pm and I chatted with Brian's mom, who was also visiting, for a couple hours before heading to bed. Well I was super full with a sugar overloaded belly and then sleep time came and I was rolling and my tummy started to growl, but I made it through the night somehow, even though our air mattress completely deflated to the floor even after refilling it at 2am.
         Once the morning hit, I was so hungry and had to wait to go out to breakfast. We drove around the area for a bit first though and let's just say that involved driving on hills and curvy roads which I am not too fond on. So not only was I feeling a bit motion sick, but I was already feeling sick from not eating. I had reached that point where I was beyond just hungry and just feeling sick and not even wanting to eat, but knowing I need to eat. Anyone else ever get that? I hate it, because then I have to force myself to eat.
       We finally got to the restaurant and honestly by the time we arrived I didn't even want food. I had realized I had gone 17 hours without food. I had tried to drink tons of water though which helped some during that period and yes I was sleeping for 9 hours of that or so, but it was still off and on sleep and rough. I don't know how people do 24 hour fasts. I could never do them when I was younger for the reasons of feeling so sick I described above.
     Anyway I decided to order French toast with a side of sausage. French toast was a treat for me since I don't buy bread for myself. I can never eat a whole loaf and I also don't have a toaster so freezing it would not work either.

     The french toast was a little too eggy and buttery for me, but I got myself to eat it while also guzzling down 3-4 glasses of water with my breakfast. I guess I was more dehydrated than I thought... I was just happy they left the pitcher of water at our table. I hate it when you finish your glass and have to wave down the waiter for more water.
      For the afternoon, we drove around more at the state parks near by and then took a trip to the Piper Aviation Museum. For lunch I got a salad while the others enjoyed 14 inch subs that only cost like $4! My salad was like $9...(and again no picture, but it was just a grilled chicken salad).
     We ate our lunch after the museum and then Brian and I drove back to our apartment. On our way back we made a stop at Wegmans for my groceries for the week and stir fry ingredients. I was able to make us a wonderful dinner at home once we got back and was so happy to sit at my new table and eat with him.

      Home cooked meal full of veggies was a great way to end the weekend, considering all the sweets we had on the road!! Just remember life is about balance!!

Thank you Jenn for hosting!!

Peas and Crayons

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  1. I've been seeing waffles eeeeverywhere!! I need to whip my waffle maker out this weekend :)

    Love the yoga poses! - Alysia @ Slim Sanity