Monday, August 18, 2014

Productive Weekend: MIMM #11

    It's Monday again. Ummm how are we half way through August?!? Suddenly we have had highs of 70 degrees and I was expecting August to be hot, but the mornings feel like Fall and I am not ready for that. Hopefully it warms up this week.
      Anyway this weekend was super productive, between shopping, food prepping, cleaning and working out. I know those probably don't sound that much fun, but they were for me.
      My weekend started Friday with about a 2 mile swim. It was so nice to be in the pool when it wasn't crowded. I love Fridays at the gym! My workout fuel included a cupcake, banana and homemade protein bar in the afternoon and I made sure to drink lots of water.

     Yes I realize cupcakes are probably not the best fuel for workouts, but for a long swim, it kept me satisfied to make it through and not be starving mid way. I then went home and finished off my pulled pork for dinner.
      Saturday morning I headed to the farmer's market where I picked up some blueberries and it will probably be the last week for them. I freeze the blueberries right away so that they stay fresh and I don't have to use them everyday. I like to top the frozen blueberries on my hot oatmeal in the morning.
       I then headed to a zumba class which was fun! After dancing away and being all sweaty, I went straight to Wegmans for my weekly shopping trip.
       The rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxed catching up on some tv shows and doing my daily yoga. I was also playing around with editing photos for a while, some fun mirror images.

    Sunday morning I slept in until nearly 8am. I got up and wasn't even that hungry so I prepared the pork for the slow cooker first before making my breakfast. I decided to make myself some chocolate chip protein pancakes with sausage. So delicious!!

      It was a bit of a rainy morning as I headed to Target and shopped around some other stores just for fun since I wasn't in any hurry to be anywhere. I was super excited when I found Lisa Frank stickers at Five Below!! I thought they didn't make Lisa Frank products anymore. Oh childhood memories... since they were only $1, I bought them.

      Then I came back home and ate lunch while meal prepping for the week.

    Pulled pork does not photograph well, so that's what that blurry photo in the middle is. Saturday I had also made some mint watermelonade, inspired by The Healthy Maven. I was planning to follow her recipe, but then I just had some lemonade, so I didn't do the honey and water and lemon part. I took some cut up watermelon and mint and blended it then made it 50/50 watermelon mint mixture with lemonade. It was better once cold and nice for a change of a drink.
    I also baked some cookies since it had been a while and made my typical roasted sweet potato and brussel sprouts and homemade guacamole. I was constantly cleaning up the kitchen as I went along and yet it still needs some cleaning.
     Once my meal prepping was pretty much done, I decided to go out for a short bike ride. The rain had passed and my dad brought my bike to me last weekend. It was so nice to ride to the park and it took a short 7 minutes as most of it was downhill, I hardly pedaled and then I came to the stony part of the path AND it was uphill...that did not go as well and I ended up hopping off the bike and walking it a bit lol.

      I then stopped at the park for a short yoga break. Have to enjoy this beautiful weather while I can!

  I think my favorite is the bottom left photo with my foot coming at the camera in flying side crow. I love how my leg is slowly beginning to get straighter in that pose.
   Then it was time to ride around the trail once more, before I headed home. Since most of the way to the park was downhill, that meant an uphill ride home. I am from the flat lands of Illinois and not used to even slight hills, so it was quite the workout and I am glad I got my gears switched while riding the path to make the pedaling slightly easier, but I was definitely sweating on the short 1 mile trip back home. I think this means I should take my bike out more and work on this whole riding uphill thing.
    Once I returned to my apartment, I did a couple ab workouts from blogilates. She does some killer ab workouts and I think I need to add one of her 15 min videos into my routines daily. This was actually my first time trying her workouts and I am sure I will feel it later today.
    That wraps up my weekend, now it's time for the work week to begin. Happy Monday!! Thanks Katie for hosting!!


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