Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #2

    Thinking out loud was so much fun last week I decided to join in again. Thank you Amanda for hosting!!

1. I was so tired yesterday morning when I got into work and I don't drink coffee so I wasn't sure how I was going to make it through the day, but someone at work brought donuts, so that kind of made my day and was the most delicious donut I have had in a long time. At my last job we brought Dunkin Donuts once a week for a while. I enjoyed them when I was hungry, but they are still so full of so much junk like any fast food. This donut must have been from a REAL bakery as it was cake like and oh so delicious!!

2. I got home from work and the gym yesterday really wanting to watch Ella Enchanted. I don't know why, it just popped into my head that I wanted to watch it. I own the DVD but wasn't sure which stack it was in, so I opened up Netflix on my computer instead in search for a movie and what was in my suggestions? Ella Enchanted!! Netflix totally read my mind and I immediately put it on!

3. Yesterday was one of those days where I wanted to eat everything in sight. I ate and ate and ate yesterday throughout the day at work and after the gym and my dinner. I am so glad I never counted my calories. I really don't want to even think about how many I consumed yesterday.

4. I lost my diamond heart necklace (which my bf gave me 2 years ago for one of our anniversaries) last Friday sometime between the gym and swimming. I can't remember if I took it off before swimming which I usually do but so far no luck with the gym lost and found. My neck feels so naked without it and I miss it so much!! Going to check the lost and found again today if I head to the gym after work.
Picture from when Brian first gave me the necklace!! I have worn it everyday since...

5. As you read this, my dad and sister are driving to come visit me and deliver the remainder of my things. We had many Skype sessions Sunday and Monday sorting through stuff and I still have no idea where I am going to put it all considering my lack of furniture...

6. When I talk about the remainder of my things, this consists of misc stuff I had in drawers and my closets. This includes some toys/collectibles...mainly American Girl Doll. I want to save some of it for my future children, but I know some of it has to go. Time to work on my ebay business.

7.   Friday I am getting my tires inspected. After my flat in June I thought I could have a break from the tire light going on, but only 3 weeks later, a different tire started leaking. Luckily my dad is bringing one of my spare tires, so I plan to get my new spare tire put on so maybe I can feel safe driving my car long distances again...I am cursed when it comes to tires...should not need to replace 6 tires in 5 years...

8. I prefer even numbers over odd, so therefore I am ending with 8 random thoughts today.

Hopefully I will be more awake today at work. One more day till Friday!! Yay!!

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  1. I can completely relate to the feeling of being a bottomless pit -- that's been me over the past couple of days as well. And that really sucks about your necklace :( Hopefully it turns up! Oh! And I -totally- save a lot of my old toys for when I have kids... but I think a huge part of that is that I just don't want to let go of them lol.