Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #4

 It's Thursday, that means just 2 more days till the weekend and time for some Thinking out loud with Amanda, who just celebrated her 2nd year of Spoons yesterday, where she gave some super helpful blogger tips as well.

    Now let's get to some random thoughts!


1. Brian surprised me last week when he came to visit with a new diamond heart necklace. Since I never see him, the necklace pretty much means the world to me. I was so surprised I was speechless but definitely love having something around my neck again.

2. I went to the gym at 5am on Monday and did some barbell squats for the first time in a couple weeks and after taking nearly a week off from the gym...well my legs are still recovering. I also think I need to add more protein to my diet, especially my breakfast when I work out at 5am.

3. I went to Whole Foods yesterday and during one of the points between walking between either my apartment and my car or the store and my car, I got bit...really....

4. I am getting tired of eating cashews so I decided to pick up pistachios from Whole Foods while I was there. The only thing is when opening the shells of them and packing the buts for my lunch, I eat a nut for every nut I put into my lunch leaving me with fewer Pistachios...also why do they have to be so expensive?!?

5. Yesterday's yoga pose for one of my Instagram challenges was shoulder stand with a chair...ummm I have brought up my lack of furniture before and well I just bought some cheap chairs a couple weeks ago from Walmart only because I got a table and my dad and sister were visiting and we needed some chairs. Cheap plastic chairs are definitely not sturdy so I didn't get very far with the pose and then I tried with a ball, because those are more reliable than chairs for me, because I sit on one at my desk. So here is my #yogafail yesterday.

6. Have you ever tried Blogilates? I am having this love/hate relationship with the youtube channel right now. The first few workouts I did were killer ab ones and I loved it, but when trying the leg, thigh or butt videos, etc...well my body needs some work. I am not following the calendar for the month like I should, but instead choosing random videos. Maybe I can try following the calendar next month. I can tell you that you definitely feel the soreness the next day.

7. How is August over already?!? Like really, I feel like it just started. The cooler weather we have had, has definitely thrown me off, but I'm excited the warm 80-90 degree weather returned this week and I am looking forward to some Fall things, as long as the cold doesn't come too quickly (not ready for that)

8. I'm looking forward to the 3 day weekend!! Hoping to find some good Labor Day sales and get in lots of yoga and blogilates!!

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