Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #3

        It's Thursday which means it's time for some thinking out loud with Amanda!!
1. These crackers are seriously addicting!! They make the perfect mid morning snack with some nuts while at work and they make the perfect night time snack as well.

2. Tuesday night I worked a little later because I had tons to do and it was a rainy day anyway so I skipped the gym and decided to take the night to clean and relax and make some granola bars. Thanks to Katie for the awesome quick and tasty recipe.

3. Last week I mentioned that I was taking my car in for a tire inspection. Well turned out my tire pressure gauge that makes the tire light come on went bad in that one tire causing it to leak. I don't know the mechanics of that but over $100 later it was fixed. Can't believe it costs just as much for a new tire...

4. speaking of my car, it has needed a new battery since January. I am still amazed it survived the sub zero temps through the rest of winter, but it did. I finally bought a new battery over the weekend (which wasn't cheap either) and my dad installed it while he was here. So hopefully my car is ready for a road trip again.

5. I had a wonderful weekend with my dad and sister (which I wrote about here). They delivered my things and I have a lot of boxes and stuff to sort through but half of them are hidden in a closet for now. I will get to them eventually...

6. the first night my dad was here, he was searching for condos for me and the next day we walked over to a realtor place and I met with the realtor yesterday. I still don't really know what I can afford and a condo or house is so permanent and I am not sure of a place I want to live for years. There is a lot to think about with a house and such.

7. Yesterday I enjoyed a sandwich (a treat from work) and ate by my usual spot at the fountain in Love Park. The fountain was dyed a pretty blue!!

8.  After work and my realtor appointment yesterday, I successfully ran a mile in 11 minutes and 8 seconds on the treadmill at the gym. So proud of myself!! It was also nice to be back at the gym since I hadn't been there in nearly a week.

9. I am kind of obsessed with how awesome this photo turned out on Tuesday evening. I took it for the #confidentyogis Instagram yoga challenge hosted by the lovely Kim and Paige.

   10. I have these two random bruises on my left arm. I have been wondering what they came from. Yoga possibly? But then today I was noticing that my purse hits those spots sometimes...yes it's possible my purse bruised me. Have I mentioned I bruise easily?

      Be sure to check out the other links on Amanda's page for Thinking Outloud Thursday. Hope you enjoyed my randomness today!!

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  1. I can't even tell you how many mystery bruises I notice on random parts of myself... and I don't even feel like I bruise that easy! The worst are mosquito bites, though... You know how they never start to itch until you see them? Ugh. The worse.