Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekend Recap and Treat yourself Tuesday #4

     It was exactly 4 weeks ago that I had my second interview with the company I am now in my second week working for! I also realized that in exactly 4 months today, my yoga teacher training begins! I am so excited for that! So far work is going well, but I always get antsy at the end of the day when I am ready to get moving and head to the gym.
      Anyway I wanted to recap my weekend in Buffalo, which didn't start off so well, but it was great seeing friends that I haven't seen in a couple years. So here is my weekend in pictures as well as some wonderful treats.
   Friday morning I left at 5am to start the drive, however, at 6am this happened...
I really have the worst luck with tires. This is the tire that my boyfriend kindly removed the nail and screw from almost exactly a month ago and patched it. It is also my 3rd flat in 4.5 years....So anyway after unsuccessfully getting a hold of my boyfriend, at least I got a hold of my dad and called our roadside assistance, but then roadside assistance couldn't help because I was on the Penn turnpike so the Penn turnpike roadside assistance had to help. Eventually...2 hours later I was back on the road and made a stop in Allentown, PA for a new tire.
At least I had a friend to keep me company while waiting for my new tire to be put on.

Finally made it to Buffalo at dinnertime (instead of lunch time like I planned), but still got to meet my friend's baby, who is now 9 months old, and catch up with my old roommate. 

Saturday morning was my friend's wedding and brunch reception with some really good food and cake. 
I loved the salad bar obviously!

 We had fun at the photo booth. My boyfriend and more old friends from college reunited after years.

Me and the bride

Saturday night we drove to Rochester to meet up with one of Brian's friends and my old roommate again. The Jazz festival was going on so we walked around there. 

And I enjoyed a strawberry smoothie and rice krispie treat at a local cafe.

Sunday, we had breakfast at the hotel and then headed on the road. It was a great to see everyone again and catch up on our busy lives. 

It was a bit of a long drive because my stomach was not too happy with the way I ate on the trip. I guess my stomach is really adjusting to eating more nuts, salads and less processed foods. It was finally feeling better yesterday at least now that I am back to my regular eats. 

And since it's Tuesday, I am linking up with Becky because I did enjoy this delicious treat today. I love the food trucks at Love Park, or more specifically, the cupcake truck that comes occasionally.

   That wraps up my weekend and treats. Of course it was also a great treat to spend a couple nights with my boyfriend I rarely see and catch up with my friends.
   Hope everyone has a great week!!


  1. Oh my goodness, that cupcake looks delicious! It also looks like it's PB + Chocolate, my fav ;) Thanks for linking up! And I hope the job is going well!

    1. Thanks Becky!! The cupcake was a Mexican Chocolate cupcake, so good