Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First Day of Work

         I survived my first day at my new job!! Ok I really can't say "survived." It honestly wasn't that difficult or anything. It was great that I had met quite a few people when I interviewed and kind of had a mini tour of the office beforehand. I was all set to start there.
         I arrived shortly before 9am and got introduced to the rest of the employees that were in by that time. Can't say I remember anybody's name really, but luckily they have signs on their doors or cubicle with their name which will certainly help me haha.
         For most of my day I watched and took notes while working with one woman that I will be helping. My computer of course was not ready when planned so I just pulled over a chair and observed. Starting with some simple tasks until I nail them and then adding more tasks to my to do list as I learn. I am super excited for this opportunity! Everyone is so nice and I know I will be learning a lot! I was a little nervous since I hadn't worked in over 3 months, but I feel the info will come back to me quickly as I learn and process this new information.
       I got my badge in the morning to really make me official! I can even go to the bathroom by myself!! You need your card to exit the bathroom area, not get into the bathroom area...so yeah, you better not forget it.

    And here is a look at my cubicle. To me, it's missing something...an exercise ball perhaps? Still need to ask about that, because I mean I just don't sit in chairs anymore...

        For lunch we went across the street and enjoyed this outdoor restaurant. I am loving this warm weather! I ordered a Chicken BLT sandwich. It also came with couscous. The lighting was not ideal for pictures but here is my sandwich.

       The rest of the afternoon I continued observing and then doing a few entries myself. I finally got my computer around 4:30 in the afternoon. So handy when I left at 5, but at least I know my email works and the computer is at my desk for the morning.
        I took the train home with all the commuters. Something I will have to get used to, but it's pretty nice not to have to drive. Then I quickly changed and headed to the gym for a quick weights workout. I was so happy all evening because when I returned from the gym, I checked my email and learned that I got accepted to a yoga teacher training program!
      I would say it was a pretty great Monday! Hopefully the rest of the week goes well too and then Friday I'm off to Buffalo for a wedding!! Can't wait to catch up with some old friends!! So much to look forward to!

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