Monday, June 9, 2014

Relaxing, Sleep in Weekend MIMM #9

   This was my last weekend leading into a work free week, so I enjoyed sleeping past 8am this morning. In 7 days I will be at my new job and office!! It is definitely coming up quickly and I am both nervous and excited for this new opportunity. It will also be nice to get into more of a schedule with work and my workouts. I have enjoyed getting to do what I want when I want for the past few months, but it is time to return to the work world even if that means no vacations for a while.
    This weekend was very laid back and relaxing. I did some grocery shopping on Friday for a few things and then went to TGIF yoga at a yoga studio nearby.
      On Saturday I slept in, made breakfast, did some laundry and got ready to go to Wanderlust Festival in the city. Wanderlust was a big free yoga event from 12-6pm. They had at least 4 yoga classes throughout the day with different teachers. You had to sign up for one of the classes to allow for space for other people throughout the day. I signed up for the 1:30 class and took two trains down to the city. After getting off my second train, I met three girls headed to the yoga festival as well. It was great to get a chance to meet a few people, seeing as I am still new to Philadelphia and don't really know anyone.

       We enjoyed our 1 hour yoga session in the hot sun. I did learn that my Gaiam mat gets really hot in the sun and was kind of burning my feet as we practiced. It is also hard to hold certain poses when you are covered in sunscreen and your hands keep sliding down your leg. However it was still fun. I love to do yoga outside as I feel so much more connected to nature.

       After the yoga class, I got my bridge pose in!

Then we walked around and enjoyed some free samples of stuff from the sponsors, such as Kashi, Aveeno, Wonderful Nuts, Honest Tea and more.

  After hanging out for a bit, I took the train back to Center city and stopped by Love Park because the last time I was there, I didn't get a chance to do a bridge since I was wearing a suit.

    I then headed back to the apartment and stuffed my face with food since I only had had a light lunch and it was nearly dinner time by the time I got back.

    Sunday, I didn't really have any plans. I headed to the gym and got a weights and core workout in. Then I had some lunch and headed to my favorite reading spot on sunny days, the Duck Pond! I spent a couple hours there doing some reading and thinking for a while. It was a beautiful peaceful and relaxing day there. There were a few people walking on the trails by the field was pretty much all mine!! I love it!!

     I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening watching some of Parenthood season 5 and finding some recipes on Pinterest for lunch ideas to bring to work next week! I can't wait to do some meal planning this week and hopefully try out some new recipes!
      Well I'm off to make some chocolate chip cookies seeing as I haven't made any in a while so just felt like making some when I woke up this morning. Hope everyone has a great Monday! As always Thank you Katie for hosting!


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