Friday, February 28, 2014

Looking on the Bright Side

            Well today I got laid off from the first full time job I had after graduation. I have to say, I knew it was coming. I've been there for just over a year and a half. Since starting there I have learned and grown a lot. When I graduated college, I still had no idea what I wanted to do, but I needed money, a job and experience. I was lucky enough that once I started looking and getting calls from recruiters, I had a job in less than 2 weeks and that was pretty good, considering the economy. I took the first job I was offered. I thought about it when I was offered it, like should I take it just because it is the first job. I knew that I needed experience and they were willing to train me in the tasks I'd be doing. Little did I know, I would just be emailing and calling people for things I didn't understand and still have a lot of down time. However, just a couple weeks into that job and a position in the accounting department (where I wanted to work) opened up. I applied and had the quickest interview ever and got the job!
         I started in the accounting department answering phones, sorting mail, pretty much non stop, but I loved it!

           I loved learning something new everyday from the questions people had when they called in. I loved being busy and I always found happiness in the little things like Disney stamps on the mail that came in.
          Our company was growing at a rapid rate at that time and in January 2013 I was given the opportunity to move over to do more accounting related tasks, such as reconciling and writing journal entries. I was excited to be learning even more! The first few days with my new position were a bit overwhelming with all the stuff I didn't know, but over time, I got better at the tasks.
          The best part about my work though, was my co workers! I felt so lucky to have the most amazing co workers and the best manager. I will definitely miss them the most.
           However, as I said in the beginning, I knew this was coming. We haven't had that much to do in a while and things were really slowing down. So for the past couple months I have been actually getting ahead by searching for jobs and also apartments.
           As I was driving home this morning after just 2 hours of work, I was thinking about what I would do with my time. I have really wanted to develop my blog more and get my own domain name and design it. Now I have the opportunity to spend time doing so. I mention I plan on getting an apartment and well there is a lot of stuff that I don't need sitting in my current room, so it is time to clean that up. I haven't mentioned on my blog, but I would really like to get my yoga teaching certification. Once I move, I hope to find a studio that I like and do this. I have been itching to travel and get out of town and now I don't have to worry about if I have time off to do so. I know I will worry about money, so I will try to find people to stay with, but I do hope I can get away for a bit and also spend time with my best friend who just told me she was induced today to have her baby! I can't wait to meet her baby girl!
          So I'm taking this time as an opportunity to go out and find another job that I love, learn some more and work on some dreams of mine! As they say when one door closes, another one opens. I'm excited to have this time to explore some possibilities for myself and my future. From the name of my blog, it's just another bridge to cross in life as I also continue to work on these bridges!


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