Monday, February 10, 2014

Fun and Snowy Weekend MIMM #4

      Happy Monday!! It's time for another MIMM post! Thanks Katie for hosting!!
My weekend started out by running errands. I am not sure why, but I was excited to go shopping at Target. Maybe this was because I had so many coupons I had planned on using. I am not an extreme couponer (if you have seen that tv show), but I do like it when I need things and have coupons for them so that I can save some money. Saving money is certainly marvelous! We had coupons for at least 50% of the items on our list today and I was so excited about that! I also purchased these.
      I heard these were being released on Feb 3 and finally purchased them. However, I must say, not as good as they sound. The filling just tastes too artificial for my liking. I will just have to buy some regular oreos and make some cookie dough. That will probably taste better. 
        After running errands, I headed to a marvelous yoga class at One2One for their grand opening. Also I loved how their sign was sitting on a mound of snow! There are so many snow piles around here and it's currently snowing as I write this. 

    After yoga, we enjoyed veggies, fruit and some cake to celebrate a birthday of one of their staff. I talked with a few people I had met in the class and also a person who was in my high school class. I didn't know her much in high school, but she actually recognized me and once she said what her name was, I recognized her and we were chatting about what we are currently doing in life and everything. It was really fun. 
     Then there were raffles, which I didn't win, but we all got some little goodie bags which was filled with some pretzel chips, a sports bar and brownies from Rose's bakery that is located below their studio. I still haven't been to the bakery, but sometime I plan to stop in. 
      Once I got home, I got to work on making some marvelous muffins. Thanks to Amanda for the delicious recipe! Check out her page for better pictures, but here are what mine looked like when they came out of the oven. 
     Once they were cooled, I tried them and they were so good! It was hard not to eat all of them. I then made my sister and parents try them. My family approved, even after commenting on how they were made and the ingredients. They didn't know how they would turn out, but I am glad they liked them. I, of course, had to make a second batch in order to bring some to work today for my manager's birthday. 
       Later in the afternoon, this happened...

  That would be my cat Skittles on my dad's lap, which has NEVER happened. This is why I needed picture proof of this. Skittles has been enjoying sitting on people's laps under blankets recently so when my dad offered her a blanket and my mom wasn't sitting down, she actually got on his lap. Usually the cats are afraid of my dad. This could be because he used to trim their claws when they were little or because he isn't usually the one to feed them. Saturday though, she was desperate for some attention so she got some petting by my dad. 
   To end my Saturday....Marvelous is cleaning my desk. I knew my desk was big, but seriously look at the space I have now! You really couldn't see much of it before. I can actually work at my desk now! (Also love the background of my computer, my one leg bridge pose in the Bahamas)

Sunday was also pretty marvelous. To start off the day, the sun was out!! It may be snowy outside still, but to see the sun out and glistening on the sun was marvelous. Chicago has some pretty grey winters, so I feel like it's a rare occasion to see the sun shining, especially with all the snow this year. I also finally got a chance to take some pictures of the snow and the beauty of winter. 

tree in my front yard

street before they plowed

backyard tree

the park nearby
   My favorite picture is the one of my backyard tree. It's just so beautiful in the sunlight!! 

      Anyway onto the rest of my day, I went to a Pure Barre: Breaking Down The Barre class so that I could learn the proper posture for the moves. Hopefully now when I attend a class I won't be all confused as to weather I am doing it correctly. 
      Later in the afternoon, marvelous was getting the house to myself and making another batch of muffins followed by some chocolate chip granola bars and individually wrapping them so they are ready for the week. 

     After all that I was pretty tired, so finally it was time to sit down, relax and watch some of the Olympics and enjoy the rest of the evening. 



  1. What a super productive weekend!! I haven't tried Amanda's recipe yet but since they got such rave reviews, I'll have to add it to my "must make" list!

    1. Yes Maria, you must try these muffins. I also don't feel as guilty eating them since there is no flour or white sugar, just honey to sweeten them, so good.

  2. I definitely need to get my hands on those oreos! They also have a marshmallow cripsy one, too! Mmm oreos!

    I love Skittles! I have two cats of my own and am a sucker for cute kitties :)

    1. I still haven't tried the marshmallow ones, maybe I'll like those better than the cookie dough.