Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Day in My Life...

      I thought I'd share with you a day in my life. I've seen these posts popping up lately and I know I enjoy reading what people do, so why not share what I do, even if some of it is pretty boring.

5:20 - Alarm goes off and I lay in bed for a few minutes before finally getting up

5:35 - start making breakfast and finish packing my lunch for the day

5:45 - eat breakfast while watching one of my recorded shows on tivo (it can take me between 2 and 3 days to finish a 1 hour show because this is the only time besides the weekend that I have access to tivo)

6:10 - wash my dishes from breakfast (I don't like to come home to dishes everywhere, though it happens anyway from my parents and sister, but then I can say that I washed MY dishes so they can't blame me)

6:20 - get dressed and ready for work

6:30 - check my email and Facebook before work, sometimes I'll do some foam rolling if I'm really sore from my previous day's workout

6:40 - drive to work

7:15 - arrive at work and listen to the radio for a few more minutes before getting out of my car

7:30 - 12: work, pull reports, read blogs on my phone while waiting for reports to pull (the computers are soooo slow)

12 - 12:30: chat with co workers for a bit, nice break from staring at the computer screen

12:30-1:30: eat lunch, read blogs, browse the internet on my phone

1:30 - 4: work, work, work (getting antsy from sitting all day) and chat with co workers

4:40 - arrive at the gym for my workout (finally no more sitting!!)

5:20 - eat a Larabar while walking to my car and leave the gym

5:30 - arrive at the grocery store to pick up a few things

6 - swerve into the snowy driveway (my car and this snow do not go well together) at home

6:05 - start putting together some dinner, sometimes after workouts I feel like having snack style plates. I throw random things together. Tonight peanut butter sounded good with apples and cucumber and just threw a bit of ham in there since I just bought it.

6:20 - bring dinner upstairs to my room and find something to watch on Netflix since my mom claims the TV at night

6:45 - read blogs, chat with my bf online, check email and log workout on Fitocracy (woohoo over 500 points today)

7 - drink some tea while watching Netflix still

8:10 - realize I should probably make my lunch for tomorrow, but get distracted going through my mail from the past few days. I got a surprise in the mail today

I pre ordered and read this book a couple months ago. I had sent in my order confirmation through a Facebook post and I actually got her signature! So cool! Also recommend the book if you are a "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" Fan or ever watched her first TV show "Clarissa Explains it All" on Nickelodeon. I love Melissa Joan Hart! 

8:30 - finally make my salad for lunch tomorrow

8:50 - decide that I should probably get out of my workout clothes I've been wearing since the gym and shower

9:15 - lay in bed, reading for a bit before going to sleep

9:30 - time to go to sleep

Well that was my Monday, mostly typical, other than the grocery shopping which I try not to do too often on weekdays and I don't get a surprise in the mail everyday, though I would love to. I hope I didn't bore you too much. Maybe I will do this post again some time on a more interesting day, though that will probably be a day when I don't have work, because when you are sitting at a desk for over 8 hours, days can be pretty boring. Anyway I will stop rambling. Have a good week!

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