Monday, February 17, 2014

AutoShow Weekend MIMM #5

   Happy Monday everyone!! This was a great weekend and still going today, because I have the day off for President's Day!! Thanks to all the presidents for this day off and my work for deciding to give the day off, seeing as it is an optional holiday. My weekend was not too eventful but it was a good one, so I'm linking up with Katie for another Marvelous in my Monday.

 Friday, I went out to lunch with my co workers. I usually tend to avoid going out to eat since it is more money but we ran out stuff for salad and I didn't feel like going to the store on Thursday night. Lunch out with my co workers was fun though and perfect for Valentine's right? I love my co workers! I also brought cookies to work for the holiday. 
    After work I went straight to babysitting so some parents could go out for Valentine's day. Some time with kids and getting paid for it, both are marvelous to me!

     Saturday, I went to the Chicago Auto Show with my dad and sister. It is the Nation's largest auto show! I had never been before even though I've lived in Chicago all my life (except for college years), so it was cool to go this year and see all the cars. It was also my sister's first time and we both enjoyed it. Rather than writing about it, I will show you through photos instead. 
Thanks to Dodge for taking this lovely photo of me which also entered me into a contest to win this car, but I'm sure my chances are pretty slim. I love the photo though. 

my sister and I at the zombie apocalypse cars

race car that came right from the race so it hadn't been cleaned before the auto show
non car related but a pic with 2 of the girls part of the ice crew for the Chicago Blackhawks. Since I just saw my first Blackhawks game last month, I thought this was cool. 

Lots of woman talking about the cars
race suits

sitting in a race car, I'm definitely not a race car driver

   So many cars, so many people and just a HUGE place! My feet were pretty tired of walking by the end of the day. My fitbit told me I got my 10,000 steps for the day after all that walking though, so that was marvelous as well. I love it when I meet my goal! 
      Once we finally made it back to the car and drove home from the auto show, I made a salad for dinner and went on my computer, which then turned into a not so marvelous night when I learned that my disk drive went bad on my new computer. Luckily I've only had it for 3 weeks so there wasn't too much new stuff and my boyfriend's friend who built it was able to recover my new stuff. The disk drive is under warranty and hopefully I'll get a new one soon. 

        Sunday was a day to cross off some "to-do list" items, such as a run to Target. While driving to Target I witnessed an act of kindness, as I was approaching a traffic light and noticed a car in the middle of the intersection. My first thought was "what are they doing?" but then when I stopped at the red light, I saw a guy run over to the lady in the car in the middle of the intersection and realized the person's car broke down there. He talked to her, telling her what to do and pushed her car out of the intersection as his wife and child waited in their car on a side street. It put a smile on my face to see this act of kindness today and know that there are some great people out there. Being a busy intersection I would have worried about her being hit by another car, so I am glad that one guy was able to help out and at least get her out of the intersection.
          Once I got home from running errands, I started some easy crockpot chicken for the week, since I like to have quick meals ready to eat when I get home during the week. When I plan ahead and cook some things on Sunday, I definitely eat better during the week instead of grabbing the bag of pretzels to munch on. 
        Later in the afternoon, I went to my first Aerial yoga class at a local boxing/crossfit gym. It's a small gym and I have to say being that it is generally a boxing gym, it just smelled like sweat as you walked in. Besides that though, the aerial class was just me and 2 other girls. Seems like the class is always fairly small, which is nice because then the teacher can assist you. It was pretty fun and the time passed by quickly. It was interesting how you were doing yoga, such as warrior 1 and 2 poses, but the bent leg was hanging on the silks. Sometimes it was tough to balance. We also used the silks to do some jumps which worked our arms and abs. Then for the last few minutes, usually called shavasana in yoga, where you lie on your back, close your eyes and relax, we laid in the silks, like a hammock or cocoon and just let it hold us. It is really relaxing. I wish I had one in my room to just sit and read in LOL. I plan to go again next week. 
   That's all for my weekend. Not too eventful but was perfect for me. Since I'm off work today, I made a haircut appointment (way overdue for one) and a routine dentist appointment. Then I will be enjoying the house to myself. My sister was supposed to be off school today, but it's a make up snowday for her. 

Hope you have a great day whether you are working or off today. 

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