Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day off and Treat Yourself Tuesday #2

Well it's a Tuesday, but feels like a Monday since I didn't have work yesterday. Luckily I didn't, because this happened....

    What started as a 1-3 inches of snow prediction on Sunday night, turned into a 4-8 inches of snow on Monday morning. Luckily most of this came in the afternoon after I ran some errands and then I spent the afternoon inside eating, watching some of the Olympics that we recorded and preparing some food for the week. After all that I finally went outside to shovel and also had some fun.

    Yep I did a bridge in the snow, which is really hard with a winter jacket on. Also I was in the street doing this, as you may see the tire tracks. Hopefully my street will be plowed by the time you read this, but my street is kind of a last priority seeing as we are a dead end street.

      I also took a lovely photo with my sister. We are so cute together!!

       Anyway I also wanted to link up with Becky, even though she is on vacation this week and I'm so jealous she gets to lay on the beach and I'm stuck here in snow...can this endless winter/snow please end soon?!?
       Even though it was a snowy weekend, I did treat myself to a few things.

    Firstly, I order a new workout tank. I ordered it online so it's on it's way. I got this tank top in blue last month and honestly it's so comfy, ever time I have it on, I don't want to take it off. So I figured I'd get the other color as well so that I have two and it was still on sale and free shipping!!
Under Armour Women's StudioLux Textured Tank Top - Dick's Sporting Goods
     I also went to a new class this weekend, which I mentioned yesterday, Aerial yoga. I do consider that a treat since I do not belong to the gym where it is held and therefore costs me extra money. I probably will not go every week, but I am planning to go next week.

       Since I had the day off yesterday, I treated myself to a hair cut. I think the last time I got a hair cut was last May. I typically get a hair cut once a year now after I've been staring at my split ends for a while. So I got three inches off and now my hair looks nice and healthy. I also always have my hair dresser straighten my hair. When it curls up it will be a bit shorter, which always takes some getting used to, but I love seeing the ends of my hair straight again!

         That ends my few treats from the last week. Enjoy your day and drive safe if you have a lot of snow where you live.



  1. Oh my....all that SNOW!!! I live in CA but am heading to Vermont on Friday for 2 weeks...I am so scared of all that cold white stuff but you sure made it look fun :)

    1. I hope you have a good trip and Vermont isn't too snowy. It finally made it above 40 degrees today and some of my co workers were wearing skirts because it felt so warm outside. The snow has started to melt. I can only hope that spring will be here soon.

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