Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yoga Rave and Pink Hair for Hope

     The weekend begins and I'd say I had a pretty good kick off to start my weekend. Yesterday I participated in my first Yoga Rave, the second annual Yoga Rave for Lifetime Fitness. A demonstration of Acro Yoga began shortly after 7pm. It was so cool to watch and they made it look so easy. I definitely want to try Acro Yoga sometime in the future.

 Before the rave began, I did a bridge pose or two.

        The yoga rave began at 8pm. There were 200 people or so in the gym ready to have a dance party and do some yoga. We warmed up with some stretching and sun salutations. There were definitely some challenging options for balancing poses that even I was unable to do. But yoga is not about how advanced your pose is, it's about breathing. I enjoyed some of the flows we did through warriors and lunges and sun salutations. There were points at which I was a bit lost as we kept facing different directions, but whenever that happened, I just did what worked for me for the flow and enjoyed it.
    In addition to the yoga there was some dancing around the room, twerking and more. It was a blast and the hour and a half went by so fast!! Great way to spend a Friday night.

      Onto Saturday, since it's October, it's breast cancer awareness month. I got my pink hair for hope today. It's too bad I didn't have it yesterday as it would have matched my shirt perfectly at the yoga rave.

        If there is a salon near you participating in Pink Hair for Hope, you should do it. Have an awesome weekend everyone!!

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