Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bahamas Vacation: Part 2 Beaches!!

             Our first full day at our cottage was great! In the morning I made some oatmeal for breakfast that I brought along with me on the trip and ate my breakfast outside on the porch. (We pretty much ate every meal on the porch if we were home) After breakfast, I put on my swim suit and sunscreen and Brian and I headed down the beach a bit to swim. The water was at low tide and we decided to walk around some of the coral in the water, only to realize the water got much deeper and the towels I was carrying got soaked and so did the sundress I was wearing, but it was definitely fun.
                We then swam for a bit and then soaked up some sun for a while. I couldn't believe the beautiful pink sand along the beach and how soft it was. The sand is pink from the coral and shells that break up and make the sand. It’s something you really just have to see in person.
one of my favorite pictures I took of myself during the trip

me and Brian relaxing on the porch

                In the afternoon, I enjoyed the hammock under the palm trees that we had with our cottage. It was the perfect spot to read. Then after dinner, we headed down the road to Ten Bay Beach to watch the sunset. A perfect way to end our relaxing day.
my reading spot :)
sunset at Ten Bay Beach

                The next day I was able to do some yoga on the beach and then attempted to snorkel, but the flippers were broken and the mask was really too big for my face. Next beach vacation I’ll be buying a set for myself before I go. Brian was able to do some snorkeling though and I took some pictures.
                In the afternoon we headed to Winding Bay Beach, which I think was my favorite Atlantic beach from the trip, seeing as the water was so calm and perfect for swimming. It was so hot, we didn’t even want to get out of the water.
the perfect, calm, Winding Bay Beach

had some fun playing in the sand, made this from shells on the beach

of course I had to do a bridge :)
          On our way back down the beach road, we made a quick stop at a sand dune beach to enjoy the views and see the rain clouds that were headed our way for the rainy evening ahead.
sand dune beach

sand dune beach

enjoying the time together

sand dune beach

                Actually in the evening after we ate, it was raining and quite windy, but from our cottage we could see a cruise ship out in the distance. It was moving by quite fast. I kept thinking about how I wouldn’t want to be on a cruise ship while it was storming. Our guess was the cruise ship had left the main island of the Bahamas and was on its way to its next destination. Besides cruise ships, we also spotted cargo ships off in the distance on a couple days as well.
cruise ship in the distance on a clear day

                While we enjoyed many beaches during the week, we did spend a few days just relaxing at the one outside our door. I even watched the sun rise one morning which was beautiful. Of course I took a million (ok many not quite a million but a lot) of photos of the sunrise. 
sunrise over our beach



                We also rented a kayak for the week and were able to use it twice at our beach. The first time was a bit too wavy for me, but the second went better. I wish we could have stayed longer so I could work on my kayaking skills more, as they are not very good LOL.
                One morning shortly after we had finished kayaking, we had a little surprise. Our neighbors were a family with 3 children. The father enjoyed snorkeling and spear fishing. Brian and I would watch as he stayed out there for an hour sometimes at the reefs. One morning I was doing some yoga on the sun deck when I saw the father run and trip out of the water and say “shark.” His kids and wife were out swimming and he told the kids to come over to see the shark. At first I thought he was a little crazy, but I guess if we were in shallow enough water, we wouldn’t be in any danger. Brian and I headed down to the beach and the kids came over to their father. Their father had caught a fish and a reef shark (the father thought it was possibly a black tip reef shark) smelled the blood and swam over very quickly to try to get this fish. I guess the shark was sticking around, still smelling the blood in the water when the father made it out. Once everyone was gathered around to see the shark, the father threw the fish into the water and shortly after you saw the shark fin come out of the water as the shark ate the fish in what seemed like one bite. It was pretty incredible, but also scary because this shark was probably 6-8 feet long and swimming in 2 feet of water. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the camera handy for this event. Though it was scary to see a shark so close, I still enjoyed just walking on the beach and enjoying the view. The palm trees and amazing colors of the water never got old.

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