Monday, September 30, 2013

5K Weekends

                 The last two weekends, I participated in two 5Ks. I’m not a runner, but I love to support causes and one 5K was really for fun (the color run). I'm hoping one day in the future after some training and maybe eating better I can really run an entire 5K. 
                The first 5K was on September 21, 2013, which was the Alzheimer’s walk. My dad is in a healthcare type business and was participating for his company and invited me along. Even though the morning was a bit chilly, by the time the walk became the sun was shining and the sky was lit up with a beautiful blue.
                We got to the event early so that my dad could introduce himself to other businesses and say hi to people he knew. One benefit to arriving early was that we were able to participate in a scavenger hunt to enter a raffle. We had to stop at a few of the tables of people that were national donors/sponsors of the walk.
                After we finished with that, we got a snack provided at another table and then walked around the park while we waited for our other team members to arrive. The walk was held at Gallery Park which was a huge and beautiful park with a bike trail, soccer fields and a fountain in the middle. The walk started at 10 am and since I was walking with other team members, the walk took just over an hour to complete.

                Once we completed the walk, we took a team picture and then I had the opportunity to do a bridge on the stage. 101.9, the mix, was sponsoring the walk and I believe they took a picture of me doing a bridge but unfortunately they didn’t post many of the pictures of the walk on their website.

              Yesterday I participated in The Color Run at Soldier Field with a couple friends and my dad. I have wanted to do a color run since last summer when I saw it come to Chicago. Unfortunately the color run sold out back in July, but because it was so popular, they decided to have it in Chicago in the fall too. I was so happy when I was able to put together a team this year and participate. We were the Rainbow Runners. The run was really fun and I definitely would like to do it again sometime. I was worried with the run being at the end of September what the weather would be like, but summer weather returned this weekend. Saturday was in the 80s and Sunday was in the 70s!! I know many people are ready to move on to fall temperatures, but I am not. I just want the 70 degree temps to stay. I am trying to soak up every minute of sun I can because once fall arrives, winter is right around the corner.
                The color run was a blast!! Here are the before and after pictures and of course a bridge picture. Also I tried to save the tye dye on my shirt afterwards with vinegar and water mix and then washing...and totally failed as my shirt came out mostly white in the end. I guess I'll just have to do another color run and try again. 

before the race, me, Kristin and Elisa

before the race, my dad, me and Kristin

after race

after race (doesn't my dad look so cool with his sunglasses??)


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