Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jonny Kest And Some Tea

    Tonight I went to a special yoga class at my gym with Jonny Kest. They closed the entire gym from 4-10pm tonight and cancelled all other wednesday night classes for this yoga event, needless to say, the yoga event was amazing! I got there at 6pm for the yoga class and there were candles lining the whole gym and as I came in, I was able to pick a scent to spray on me to help calm me. Rows and rows of yoga mats and people were in the gym ready to practice yoga together.
    We started with a very long warm up. At first I thought the class was going to be a full 2 hours, but it ended up being around an hour and a half. We did some breathing exercises to start and then a few vinyasas to warm us up. About 40 minutes in and many vinyasas and up and down dogs, Jonny says "alright we should probably start the class now, that was just the warm up." The warm up? What do you mean that was just the warm up? I was thinking to myself, as I was already sweating.
   So for the actual class as Jonny referred to it, we did another flowing series of poses. Starting in chair pose then twisting to the right, then forward fold, monkey, forward fold, vinyasa to downward dog, high lunge, warrior 1, warrior 2, turn around, warrior 3, half squat, sit down and twist, then stand back up and standing splits and repeat on left side. We did a few rounds of this and it was quite the challenge. I loved it though! I love learning different flow series to do on my own!
   After that, we relaxed...ok not really, we went into boat pose and holding that for a long time is quite the ab workout! Eventually, we got to relaxing, or really more stretching, in the splits position. We then went to frog pose for a while and finally moved onto our backs and relaxed.
    Class ended and it was time for tea. I picked a chocolate mint tea, which was very delicious. It was nice to also have something warm in my hands as I walked to my car. What a perfect Wednesday evening! I absolutely love this 30 day yoga challenge!! If I wasn't in love with yoga before, I am now. :)

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