Saturday, January 26, 2013

Are you ready to WERQ?!

      Today I went to the gym twice! Yes I love the gym, in case you didn't already know. I went for yoga this morning as I continue my 30 days of yoga challenge. So far it is going well and I think I am more in love with yoga than ever before. My arms really get a great workout from vinyasas and asanas (poses). I used to stare at the clock sometimes in yoga, wondering when the class would be over, because I was tired already, but now I'm like "wow that hour went by quickly."
      After yoga, I went home and ate some lunch before heading back to the gym around noon for a WERQ class. Werq is a dance fitness class, different from zumba though as it is more pop and rock music. I also thought the dance moves were easier to follow than some zumba moves. I was sweating so much after just a few songs. It was tons of fun though. I also had no idea this was a regular weekly class at my gym. I signed up online for this special Werq class taught by Haley Stone who is one of the founders of Werq fitness. There were also quite a few instructors there who were planning to attend a workshop after the class to become Werq instructors. That would be really cool to have more instructors and more classes available. Right now the only class I could attend is on Sunday, but it's at the same time as yoga, so until I'm done with my 30 days of yoga, I won't be able to attend, but hopefully afterwards I can go to a few of the classes for some dancing fun. I also bought a WERQ tank top, because I wanted one and I thought it would be a good workout shirt. I always need more of those with how much I go to the gym :)

     Once I returned from the gym after round 2, it was time to shower and just relax for the rest of the afternoon. I also got a bit of studying done for the GMAT I'm planning to take in a few months. I've actually been so excited about studying for the GMAT until I do the practice questions and see how many I got wrong and over thought about...but I think I'm learning the strategies and hopefully I'll do well when I take it at the end of April.

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