Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bowling and Dinner

     Yesterday night I went to Pinstripes, which is a really cool bowling, bocce and dinner place. I went with some family friends as a late graduation celebration dinner. We played two games, I improved in my second game, but unfortunately got a gutter ball on the last frame which wasn't good or I could have scored over 100 points, I was so close. We talked about my job and everything and enjoyed bowling and none of us were that good, but it was fun. I wish there was a bowling place closer to my house, but it's really not too far, only like a 20 minute drive at least. For dinner, I ordered a chicken avacado flatbread, which is like a pizza. It was delicious! Actually all of their food was really good, so I highly recommend the place.
this was actually taken before I bowled one of my few strikes

bowling a strike

my dad bowling
my sister bowling, she makes weird faces

    So I told my family friends about my blog and how I started doing bridges everywhere, so they wanted me to do one on the bowling lanes. So I now have a new addition to my bridge photo collection :)

bridge with a bowling ball underneath me...rolling away

most of us, missing Stephanie who is taking the photo

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