Sunday, August 26, 2012

Camping Part 2

Tuesday we decided that we wanted to stay at Rollins Pond for another night, but our site wasn’t available for another night, but there were others open, so we took a drive around and picked one. We stopped at Brian’s house for lunch and then headed back to set up the tent once again.

shaking out the tent to pack it up
Then we went out onto the pond (side note: this pond was bigger than Wolf Lake in NY and the definition of a pond is “a body of water smaller than a lake” according to 
Brian canoed while I kayaked. I have only been kayaking once before in my life and that was on my family trip to Hawaii in 2007, so that was a while ago and I’m not the best kayaker yet. It was definitely quite the workout for my arms. Despite all the working out I do, I clearly don’t work those particular muscles enough. I felt that I got better as we went on.
ripples in the water and the lily pads. just thought it was pretty

me kayaking

We kayaked across and then to one of the islands where we got out and walked around a bit.

BRIDGE on the island

just doing some yoga posing
soaking up the sun. really love how this photo turned out

Then we went around the next island and then headed back. Before we knew it, it was time to start dinner. We had steak, corn on the cob and beans. It was delicious! I then watched a chipmunk finish the few burnt kernels of corn I had left on my cob.
I could have watched this little guy forever. He was so cute!
At sunset, we took out the canoe and kayak again and watched the sun set behind the mountains.

A little later, the stars were out and we did a little star gazing and saw a shooting star. Living near a big city, I don’t get to see many stars, so it was like a once in a lifetime viewing for me. When I told that to Brian he said “next time, we’ll make it twice in a lifetime.” It was a great end to the evening though.

The next morning it was time to pack up and then do a bit of driving and switching cars again as Brian drove me to Albany to leave from the airport. This vacation was just what I needed though. A little getaway into the woods and peacefulness. 

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