Sunday, August 5, 2012

Calorie Count and Personal Training session

Yesterday I went to get my Calorie count done at Lifetime Fitness and found out my bare minimum calories I need each day is 1641, but add my lifestyle (basically sitting at work) and I need 2133 a day. But that still doesn't include if I want to gain weight and I have to include all the calories I burn while working out. For now I will have to just estimate that until I can afford a heart rate monitor watch, which I have actually wanted to get in the past, though I didn't know they made some that you can swim with, because I feel like when I swim I must burn quite a bit of calories in 100 laps. So for now, I'm estimating I need 2500-2700 a day, depending on my exercising. I was also told to increase the amount of protein I eat and eat less carbs. That will be a challenge, especially for snacks since I don't think I have a fridge to put food in at work.

Later in the afternoon, I went back to the gym for a personal training session. I have lifetime bucks to use so why not? My personal trainer was very nice and we did some basic exercises, but it was challenging for some, such as the low squats and the push ups (doing 20 in a row). She told me that I have very good form though and that I don't have any imbalances, which is good. She then helped me on my form for deadlifts, because I have long legs and my knees seem to always get in the way and I'll end up using my back too much. She helped me correct my form though and it felt much better. I just have to lighten the weights again and work my way up again.
Between the circuit we did of lunges, squats, push ups, crunches and assisted pull ups, I am quite sore today.  I went to yoga this morning at Lululemon, which was nice for a stretch but definitely a little more challenging when going from standing to sitting hurts due to the squats I did yesterday. Lunges were also a bit of a challenge with my legs so sore, but I made it through and managed to be productive the rest of the day, including getting a couple hours of beach time!

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