Sunday, August 26, 2012

Camping Part 1

As I said, I went camping for a few days in New York. Whenever I mention I’m going to New York to my friends here in Chicago, they automatically think the city and I was nowhere near the city. My train ride was a long 14-15 hrs. Luckily, a nice girl, named Ally, sat next to me when we got on in Chicago and we actually talked for a couple hours before getting some sleep. She was heading home after visiting her mom and siblings who recently moved to Chicago. It was the first time I had actually had a conversation with the person who sat next to me. She was my age though and we talked about college and things. She was only traveling to Indiana though, so her train ride was only 3 of my 14 hrs. I then gave her my number before she got off the train for the next time she is in Chicago.

By the time I got to Syracuse, it was nearly 1pm. My boyfriend, Brian, met me at the train station with a Tim Horton’s iced tea that I had requested. It’s the one place I really miss about New York. We then met up with our friend Marc. We walked around the huge carousel mall, had a late lunch and then went to mini golf. I did terribly in mini golf. I think I have gotten worse as I have gotten older. LOL. We didn’t have time to go to a camp site the first night so we stayed at a hotel in Syracuse.

The next day (Sunday), we headed to a water park in Old Forge, NY. It was a bit chilly in the morning for a water park, in my opinion, but it did eventually warm up. We went on many slides and went around one of the lazy rivers. Brian did a few more things as I soaked up the sun in the afternoon because I was cold for a so long as we waited in lines, though they were short. My favorite 2 rides were the tube slide that is like a toilet bowl. That one I actually screamed as I thought we were going to get stuck and then we went down backwards. Luckily Brian sits in the back and I sit in the front, but I still always worry about flipping over. We also did a race on a mat, though we failed at starting at the same time. It was a “surf” slide because you slide on mats and it’s like you are surfing waves I guess. It was a pretty cool water park. I’d like to go again on a day where it’s warmer than 70 degrees. I’ve been completely spoiled with these 90 degree days this summer that I’m so used to them now and 70 seems cold.

That night we camped at a park nearby. We set up the tent and made a fire so that we could have smores. I have been craving smores all summer it seems, so I finally was able to satisfy my smores craving while camping.

Monday morning, we had pancakes and bacon for breakfast at our campsite. It was delicious! Then it was time to pack up, as we had to check out by 11am.

We then went for a hike up Blue mountain. The hike was 2 miles each way. I’ve never really been on a real hike before and that 2 miles felt more like 5 miles. I thought we would never reach the top. It took us between an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes to get up to the top and unfortunately, it started raining/hailing when we were 20 minutes from the top. I kept pushing through, hoping that the destination ahead would be worth it.
my favorite rock along the hike because I could climb on top and rest LOL

When we finally reached the top, Brian then wanted to climb up the fire tower for the nice view. 
fire tower

the view
However it was quite breezy and since we were soaking wet, it made it really cold. I was also quite hungry and just wanted some food. We had brought a sandwich with us to eat once we got to the top. I climbed down the fire tower and found a spot to sit. The sun was starting to come out finally, so I was trying to get a bit dry.
While I ate, Brian walked around and found a cabin at the top where someone lives for the summer. He got me up and we went over and talked to the guy who lived there. He was living there for school credit. He is a student at SUNY Potsdam and had been living there since July. He is brought water once a month or so and he is allowed one day to hike down to get more food and then hike up. I don’t think I could ever carry all the food I need to live off of, but it was nice to meet him and here about his time on the top of the mountain and he took a pic of us.
of course I had to do a bridge

me and Brian

I think we spent a half hour or so at the top and the sun had come out, but it looked at though another storm was on its way so we decided we better start heading down. The hike up took us about an hour and 45 min or so and the hike down took an hour and 15 minutes. While going down I wasn’t as out of breath, I think it was pretty hard because since it had rained, that made the steeper parts more slippery and so I was trying to be careful and stay flat footed and low to the ground.

I was so happy when I could hear the cars on the road and finally reached the parking lot. It was nice to be able to sit down again and relax. I took a short nap as Brian drove us to his parent’s house. We then ordered pizza and salad for dinner and then switched cars and packed some pillows and more blankets and headed to Rollins Pond to camp that night.

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