Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bahamas Part 4: Day Trip North and Fish Fry

You can catch part 1 here, part 2 here and how our first day trip (part 3) went here.
                Our second day trip, we headed up to the Northern part of the Island. Just to show you where on the island we were headed, here is a map with the area we visited circled.

An hour into our drive, we arrived at our first stop, the unmarked trail to the Queen’s bath. I was glad that I decided to wear my sneakers for this path as the rock/coral was very sharp at the bottom of the Queen’s bath. We watched, mesmerized, as the waves crashed into the rocks. 

Below is why this area is called the Queen's bath. This is the soaking tub, but with the many black sea urchins, we did not go into the water. 

bridge at Queen's bath

love how I was able to capture the waves crashing behind us

best photo of the waves crashing

I’m not sure how long we spent there, but I’m sure we could have stayed there much longer, just watching the waves. I believe we were there sometime in between low and high tide. It’s more dangerous at high tide, but I read reviews that it is cool to go at both high and low tide and see the differences.
                We then drove another half mile North and came to the Glass window Bridge. With that name I thought you might be able to see through the bridge, but really the name means the bridge separates the Atlantic and Caribbean Sides of the Island. You see the teal blue color of the Caribbean on one side and the darker blue on the other, being the Atlantic. It’s amazing to see the two of them meet and still have the violent crashing of the waves on the Atlantic side and the calm Caribbean Sea on the opposite side and the color contrasts are amazing!!

Atlantic Ocean

Caribbean Sea

                After that short visit, we drove farther North and decided we’d go to Harbour Island for the afternoon. We took a short ferry ride over to the island. We then rented a golf cart, as this is the most common transportation around the island and drove around the 3 mile island. I couldn’t believe how close the houses were to each other. It seemed like they really try to fit as many houses as possible on this small island. It was so different from Eleuthera.
                We found a little café for lunch where I got a hamburger and Brian got a lobster salad. We stopped at a couple beaches, but didn’t bring our swim suits and stuff with us, so we didn’t swim unfortunately. I guess if we decide to visit that island again, we’ll definitely need to bring our swim suits as the beach was pretty much the only activity we found to do.
the streets on Harbour Island

the beautiful pink sand beach

a little downward dog and yoga on the beach

This island was very much for resorts and people with lots of money. When we stopped at a grocery store for water, we were amazed at the selection of food and they were apparently only at 60% of their usual inventory. The grocery store was much bigger than the one on Eleuthera and offered more, but the prices were still high since all the items are shipped over. The advantage of the high prices for me was that I wasn’t as tempted to buy things. I did buy a couple apples, an avocado and water from that store though.
                After a couple hours on the island and enjoying the beaches, Brian let me drive the golf cart back to the docks for a ferry ride back to Eleuthera. After getting off the boat at Eleuthera, we started driving back to the cottage and stopped at Surfer’s Beach along the way which may be next to Double Bay Beach as there was a spot that looked like that with the coral and waves crashing. There were many beautiful high waves, but no surfers in site. 

surfer's beach

double bay beach?
We enjoyed watching the waves and getting some pictures before leaving that beach.

                On our way through Governor’s Harbour, Brian picked up some fresh fish down by the water. You pick out a fish and then they cut it up for you right in front of you. Again, picture fail on this one, but I didn’t really want to watch the fish being chopped up either. 
                 Our last two days were full of fish with Brian’s fresh fish and then the Friday fish fry on our last night, which was also enjoyable. We actually met a nice older couple vacationing on the island from Colorado. The somewhat scary part was that the guy started his career working on oil fields (like Brian) about 30 years ago and the woman worked in payroll (while I work in accounting). So we all enjoyed talking to one another while enjoying our food. I may not have taken a picture of Brian’s fresh fish, but I made sure to take one of the fish at the fish fry as they literally gave you a fish (this is why I decided on the bbq chicken which was also delicious).
Brian's fish

my chicken
And that ends our wonderful Bahamas vacation. It was hard to get back into the swing of things at home and the cold weather and someday we hope to go back and enjoy this relaxing island again.

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