Wednesday, November 27, 2013


In honor of Thanksgiving and thinking about all that I have, I decided to do a Thankful post.

I’m Thankful for…

- Being alive and well today. I think sometimes I take my health for granted, especially since becoming lactose intolerant, but I know I’m lucky to be here and well today. I definitely need to remind myself of how lucky I am to be here and well more often. 

- Having a full time job. I know I was lucky to find one as fast as I did and I have learned so much 
in the past year and a half working for my company.

- Being able to make creative dishes for my co workers for all the potlucks and parties 

(next potluck is for Christmas, so I can’t wait to make these
and another dish that will remain a surprise) 

- Being a member of Lifetime Fitness gym (I know this one may seem weird, but being able to afford a gym membership I feel is a big one for me as the gym gives me my “me time” as I workout. From weights, group classes to the pool, I love everything at my gym and it’s truly my second home)
Yoga Rave

this is how Tom often sits, with his paws crossed, so cute
- My adorable cats, as much as they can be annoying and whine, they have certainly been following me around the house a lot lately and love snuggling with me, especially my cat Tom 
Tom sleeping on my bed

Skittles hanging off of a chair

- My sister

- Being able to stay connected with people through social media. Social media has certainly changed our lives, but I love having Facebook to stay connected with friends I met in college and in Australia when I studied abroad. In August I got to catch up with my friend Angie, whom I met in Australia, but she actually lives in Illinois. Visiting her on my way to St Louis with my boyfriend was the perfect pit stop. 
at Lincoln's memorial with Brian and Angie

- Being able to pay for a wonderful anniversary vacation to the Bahamas with my amazing boyfriend back in October. It was just what we needed to re connect and get away from work. (goal next year is to go to Italy)

And most importantly, my amazing boyfriend, Brian. Even though we live a few states apart and are long distance right now, I can’t imagine my life without him. I can tell him everything and even though we don’t always agree on everything, I like to listen to his opinions and hear his advice. Hopefully one day soon we’ll be able to live together in the same state.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!! 

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