Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 20: Favorite Christmas Meal

My favorite Chirstmas meal would be Christmas day dinner. Usually my family gets together with my cousins and aunt and uncle in Wisconsin and we have a nice dinner together, including turkey, corn, bread, salad, and more. I find the meal to be pretty much like Thanksgiving, the only difference is that it's December and we open presents as well. It is still pretty tasty though.

So today would be day 291 of days without measurable snow. Chicago broke the record this year.  I don't know for sure if Chicago got measurable snow where they take the measurements, but outside my window, there is no snow on the ground. We were dismissed an hour early from work to get home safely due to the storm coming. It was quite rainy as I drove home and stopped at a couple stores. By the time I was finally leaving the last store, it had started snowing, but I don't think that lasted very long. We were supposed to have an inch on the ground by midnight...there is just over an hour left till midnight and no snow on the ground that I see. I know other places were hit quiet hard though.

Tonight I made gingerbread cookies and they turned out really good. My cat enjoyed watching me make them and licked some of the flour from my hands when I was done cutting them out.

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