Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 18: When do you open gifts?

When do I open gifts on Christmas? Well (when I have gifts), usually first thing in the morning, might eat a bowl of cereal or maybe just grab a piece of candy from my stocking to munch on and then open gifts as soon as my parents get up and ready. When I was younger we used to open gifts at around 7am, because I just couldn't wait.
This year, I got tires for my car for Christmas and I just got them this Sunday since I got a flat tire last Thursday and was driving on my little donut spare tire for a couple days. I wanted to get winter tires, but apparently no one stocks those in Chicago...weird. So then since I knew my 2 front tires were good, as I have replaced both of them rather recently (this recent flat was my second flat and third tire that needed replacing in 3 years), I was going to just replace the 2 back tires, but I got to Pepboys and they no longer had the same tires that I had previously purchased at Pepboys when replacing my front tires. Then they also had that buy 3 get one free deal, but you had to get at least 3 tires installed for that deal. So we went with that and the guy gave us a discount since they didn't have the other tires which would have been cheaper. So I got better tires for the same price. Now with this deal, I told them to keep the front tires (knowing they were still good), but when my dad went to pick up my car, they had forgotten to put my old front tires in my trunk. They threw them into a huge tire pile and there was no chance in finding my tires, so instead we got another 2 brand new tires. So rather than 4 tires for Christmas, I got 6 and for the price of 3!! Now in case I get another flat, I have 2 spares. Let's hope these tires last their 50,000 mile warranty though and I won't have to replace them for a couple years.

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