Thursday, January 2, 2014

SNOW!! and Commitment day photos

    This morning I braved the drive through the snow to work. Believe me, it was not fun at all. I constantly took deep breaths as I drove because I was so nervous. At least the tollway was slightly better than the main roads until I started to drive up to the tollway and everything was becoming more and more white...yes white out conditions. All you could see was the flashing of a couple lights from the tollway sign notifying you it was coming up. Luckily the white out was a short distance of my drive and I made it safely to work.
    I made it to work 15 minutes late and about a half hour later we found out that we were having a late start at noon, but we were already there. Luckily this meant we could leave early as long as our work was done. It was still snowing when we left around 1pm but by this time the plows had caught up on the tollway road, so I was able to drive at 55mph until my exit which was so exciting. I then headed to the gym before driving slowly home on the snow covered roads.
my street an hour after I got home
     Yesterday after it was snowing all day, I took a picture of a flower we have in our backyard to show how deep the snow is. This afternoon, I took another picture of that same flower and you can see it is continuing to get buried. 

3pm 1/1/2014

4pm 1/2/2014

      While I hate to drive in the snow, I love the beauty of snow on the trees and the winter wonderland look. Yesterday I mentioned some other photos I wanted to share from Commitment Day. Many thanks to the Commitment Day photographers. Here are the photos!!

me and my dad

bridge in the snow

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