Monday, January 6, 2014

Marvelous and Not so Marvelous, MIMM #3

          Happy first Monday of 2014 (or maybe not so happy if you are in the midwest like me and it's going to be -53 degrees F with wind chill)!! Either way, it's marvelous in my monday and there were still some marvelous happenings this weekend to keep me looking on the bright side. So I'll be linking up again with Katie for MIMM.

   First Marvelous is getting a surprise package in the mail Thursday night. My boyfriend got me the Fitbit Flex as a late Christmas present.

I was so excited to set it up and try it out this weekend. I have heard it is good to walk 10,000 steps a day. I never realized how hard this can be. Sunday I actually reached my greatest number of steps in a day so far at nearly 9,000, thanks to some exercising at home which brings me to my next marvelous thing.

Marvelous is getting a zumba workout at home with the Wii. My sister asked for it for Christmas but I think I have gotten more use out of it with all these snowy days so far.

Ever since New Years we've been getting non stop snow it seems.
Marvelous was getting my shopping at Target and the grocery store done on Saturday morning before the snow started.

Though I did brave the snow a bit later on Saturday as me and my sister headed to Kohl's for a bit of a shopping spree (Kohl's cash plus gift cards from Christmas) and Marvelous was spending under $10 and the receipt saying we saved over $154!!

 Saturday night, Marvelous was successfully cooking spaghetti squash and making turkey meatballs to go with it for dinner. (I will work on my food photography)

and lastly, marvelous was just enjoying the weekend at home with my sister and this adorable kitty.
Skittles covered with my scarf as a blanket

While my sister gets an extra day of winter break today since the schools are all closed in Chicago and suburbs, I will be making my way to work somehow, though there is a possibility of a late start, but here is a look at the snow from Sunday morning!!

my street
     Hope everyone has a great week and stay warm!!


  1. I felt the same way (and still do) when I got my fitbit! Like it's so hard to get the 10,000 steps in when I'm sitting in front of a computer working 8-10 hours a day ! lol

    1. Yes working in front of a computer for 8-10 hours makes it hard to get 10,000 steps in. Got another like 9,000 today, more zumba at home lol

  2. Negative degrees? Oh heavens, you poor thing! Time to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate & a movie. :)

    1. Yes very negative temps today. Unfortunately I had to be at work, but I got out early due to the weather and I had a nice cup of peppermint tea this evening to keep warm. Supposed to get above 0 tomorrow and can't wait!