Sunday, March 3, 2013

Time With My BFF And My First Bulls Game

      Yesterday was probably one of the best Saturdays I have had in a long time! On Friday night, my BFF, Mercedes texted me that she was in town for a day this weekend. She lives in Michigan and while it's only a 2 hr drive away from my house, I don't get to see her often because of work schedules and just being busy. I  missed her over Christmas since I was away for Christmas and so I hadn't seen her since September. It was great to see her and her husband. I went over to her parents house in the morning and we had French toast for breakfast and talked for a while about what is going on in our lives right now. Then they invited me to join them for lunch at Bravo, an Italian restaurant.

       We met up with Mercedes' sister and nephew while we were there as well and I hadn't seen them in almost 2 years, so it was great catching up with them as well. For lunch I had a turkey avocado bacon sandwich and a salad. It was really good. I've been loving avocados lately.


To drink, I had a strawberry basil lemonade. The drink looked so pretty and tasted so good that I needed to take a picture of it of course. I definitely need to make this at home sometime this summer.
me and Mercedes
    After lunch, we walked around downtown for a bit and then headed back home. Mercedes and her husband had to catch a train back to Michigan in the afternoon and I had to get ready for the evening.

      About a month ago, my department was invited to go to a Bulls game. It took a while for us to hear back on which game we were going to, but we finally got the tickets for Saturday March 2nd. I was so excited to go to my first Bulls game and go to the United Center for the first time. Also, there is no better way to go to your first Bulls game than to have box seat tickets and be with all your co workers (I enjoy my co workers). There were about 20 of us, the accounting and HR department. I car pooled with Rintu on the way there and we were the first ones to arrive. To add to my bridge pictures, I did a bridge outside in front of the Michael Jordan statue. 

       We then headed inside and found our little suite and box seats. There was tons of snacks, food and drinks and it was all included! Then it was time to take tons of pictures of the court and all the people there. There were over 20,000 people!
     Shortly after me and Rintu arrived, the other members of our department arrived and it was time to get the party started! We got some food and sat down ready for the game to begin. I had some chicken fingers and chips.

   Not too long after the game started, the dessert cart arrived. OMG it was insane! I was already full. I had already had 2 breakfasts and a decent sized lunch and snacked on some pretzels and ate chicken fingers for my dinner and now there were these HUGE cakes ( I wish I had taken a picture). There was a 6 layer carrot cake. 6 layers!!! It was insane. I decided to get a chocolate chunk cookie which was the size of my hand and I'm not kidding.

   I did manage to eat all of it after kinda picking out some of the milk chocolate, because I'm more of a fan of dark or semi sweet chocolate in my cookies. I'm pretty much set on dessert for this whole week now. It was pretty good though.

    The game lasted about 2.5 hours and was overall pretty entertaining. I loved that it was Latin theme night and the dancers were amazing. I also loved the gymnasts they brought in doing tricks with jumping rope, which is really tough. I can't even double dutch and I was never really all that good at jump roping either.
    The game was exciting towards the end as the Bulls were in the lead. I can't say I'm a fan of sports or that I follow them at all, but, of course, being at the game I was routing for my home team. The bulls ended up winning so that was super exciting and then we got a group photo all together before heading home for the night.

    I had a great day with my friend and then a great evening with all these wonderful people from work :)

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