Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I am a Saver

The main bank that I bank with recently changed from ING to Capital One 360 and I discovered that they do a Question of the Month to us savers about how and why we save. 
     March Question of the Month is: "It's Springtime, so we want to know: How do you make your savings grow?"

      Spring time means sunshine, flowers and spring cleaning! It’s time to sort through old clothes and toys and all that STUFF that is taking up room and ask “do I need this?” I know I have been asking myself that question a lot lately. Ever since I came home from college last year, I feel like I am constantly sorting through old things that I never use. Living in a small dorm room can really change the way you look at materialistic items that you have and never use. So rather than having the items sitting around, I have sold some items for a profit and other items have been donated. By selling old items, not only was the balance in my bank account going up, but also I would feel less stressed, because I had less clutter. Less clutter means more happiness, less stress and maybe a little more room for something new.
Now that spring is here, bikinis and shorts are coming out in all the stores for summer and winter clothing is on sale. I used to find it to be strange when people would purchase a winter jacket in spring, but now it makes more sense because it is cheaper. When it comes to buying clothes, I typically wait until I have a coupon or know of a sale going on. Between the sales and extra discounts, I usually end up saving at least 50%. I get so excited when I get my receipt and see how much I have saved. My boyfriend usually just stares at me like I am crazy because of my obsession over coupons and sales. He gets over it quickly though, when he realizes how much I saved.
So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start cleaning and jump into spring savings!

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