Saturday, March 23, 2013

St Patrick's Day ( a week late)

Wow, I can't believe it's nearly the end of March already and almost Easter! Last weekend was St Patrick's Day and I wanted to share some photos of things I did to celebrate. I think, to most people, St Patrick's Day is all about drinking and well, I don't drink, by choice. I am just not a fan of alcohol and believe me, my friends have tried to get me to like it, though I feel like forcing me to try something only pushes me farther away from wanting it.
          Anyway, my celebration of St Patrick's Day was wearing green and spending a few hours in Chicago. It started with the Potluck of the Irish at work on March 15th. I wanted to make something for the holiday and so thanks to Pinterest, I got the idea of making Green Mint Chocolate Chip cookies. I basically just made my usual chocolate chip cookie dough and added green food coloring and mint chips instead of chocolate chips. I don't work with food coloring usually, so I wasn't exactly sure how much to use. I put in a few drops to my dough and it seemed like enough as it was a nice green color, but when they baked, the cookies looked normal on the bottom and slightly green on top. I definitely think I could have used more food coloring. I'll know for next time. Either way, they tasted great and my co workers enjoyed them too!!

my sister called these Shrek cookies

       On Sunday, St Patrick's Day, I went into downtown Chicago with my friend Kristin so that we could see and take pictures by the Green Chicago River, a Chicago tradition. I have only lived next to Chicago my whole life and never been downtown to actually see the green river, so I thought it was finally time to do that and with St Patrick's Day being a Sunday, it worked out well, since I didn't have work. It was a really cold St Patrick's Day this year, still below 32 F, while last year was in the 80s! However, it was still nice to see the river.

Me and Kristin in front of the green river


green river view from Michigan Ave bridge

     Kristin and I then walked along Michigan Ave, got some tea to warm up for a bit and then went shopping. It was a fun Sunday afternoon and St Patrick's Day!

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