Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cancer Donation!

I know I've been a terrible blogger lately, I just don't feel like there is much to write about, though I should probably write about my workout schedule sometime soon. My life is pretty much work and working out. I love the accounting department and how I keep learning new jobs in the accounting department. Also it was definitely useful to be a HUD Specialist beforehand so that when I call for HUDs while in the accounting department I know exactly where to verify information.

Anyway this post is about a new blog that just started and I wanted to talk about it. I believe I mentioned another blog I read which is 366 Random Acts. Since I started reading that blog, I've been trying to do my own random acts when I can whether it's a small donation to someone on the street or a fundraiser or even just helping a person out which costs nothing at all.

Throughout the year, there are many fundraisers and events that raise money for cancer research. I know some people who are close to me that have survived cancer or are still fighting and so I like to donate to these events when I can and especially when I know people participating in events. Yesterday I received an email at work from someone who is running in the Chicago Marathon next weekend to raise money to fight cancer. He has started an organization called 52 to 52 to fight cancer. He plans to run 52 races in one year to help 52 people. Today I donated $5 to 52 for 52. I wanted to spread the word to any readers I may have and you can read more about it on his blog

Thanks for reading and I promise to post more soon!

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