Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yoga on the lawn

Yesterday I went to the Evanston History Center for a free yoga session outside. They are holding one each month through the summer and one in September as well. I went last month and it was perfect outside! The history center is right next to the lake and it's beautiful when the sun is shining. Of course to add to my bridge photos, I asked a person to take a picture of me once the session was over last month.
I showed up at the history center yesterday morning and I saw that this part of the lawn (in the photo above) was under construction and I didn't see anyone there for yoga, so I walked around the beach for a bit and then decided to check back at the history center. I saw a couple people near the front door so I grabbed my mat from my car and walked over to them. There was no teacher in sight and we checked around the whole house and no one seemed to be there to teach yoga. Once more people arrived, one person called the yoga studio that was hosting the free yoga session and they said there was a misprint that the free yoga was supposed to be next Saturday. Well that was disappointing since I will be out of town next weekend but also we were all already there. We all talked about who had experience with yoga and since I seemed to have the most experience doing yoga at least once week, the 10 or so people there decided that I could lead the yoga session on the front lawn.
I had never taught yoga before but have been thinking about becoming a certified yoga instructor, because I do love it a lot and I think it would be a great weekend job for fun. So I led the yoga session for 45 minutes or so, since we started a bit late. I did some sun salutations, warrior poses and more. I had a great time leading the class! Everyone really enjoyed it and it was the perfect weather outside! At the end of the class, one person asked me if I had ever taught a class before and when I said no, she was so surprised and said I did so well and asked when she could sign up for one of my classes. It's great to have that kind of support from people. I am glad that they enjoyed it as much as I did and I can't wait for the last yoga on the lawn in September!!

After the class, I couldn't just go home, the weather was too beautiful so I walked on the pier and the beach for a bit, enjoying the sun.

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