Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Half Remain

So I cut off half of my ankle bracelets on Monday so that it wouldn’t look completely weird dressing so professionally for work. Sad to see them go. For anyone who doesn’t know me, I add an ankle bracelet that I make each year for my birthday. Now I have only been doing this since my junior year in high school, after reaching the amount of ankle bracelets as my age I decided to add one each year. Soon I will probably cut them all off, but for now, half remain.
all of my ankle bracelets minus 3 that I believe fell off previous to the picture

the ones I decided to cut off

I started a full time job on Monday. So far work has been good. I enjoy my co workers I have met. Me and 2 others started Monday as HUD specialist. If you don’t know what this is, which I didn’t until Monday, it’s basically getting a final stamped certified copy of a loan for a house or apartment. This is what I know so far anyway. I spend the morning emailing people, requesting the final HUD. Then the afternoon is receiving and calling people for them. Originally this was going to be a 1 person job, but 200 contacts is a lot for one person to get through in a day, so they added another person and then 3 more (including me) this week. Needless to say there is not AS much work as I was told/expecting. We each have 30-40 contacts each day so far, but by the end of the week, it slims down, so we’ll see how that goes.

The job is pretty simple and I’m hoping in this 4 month training/trial period, I will learn about what some of the other departments do because 5 people for this position seems like a lot. We may be moved around eventually, but that will be good, because then I’ll learn more.

So that’s pretty much my day from 8am to 6:00pm with my driving time in there. After my work day, on Monday and Wednesday I stop at the chiropractor and then Tuesday and Thursday, I stop at the gym. Then I come home and EAT whatever food I can find, which I feel like my house always lacks or rather there seems to be WAY too much junk food lying around. I think I ate better when I lived in Buffalo in my apartment. I feel like I need a mini fridge in my room with my food only, that way I’ll know what I have and I’ll be able to find it. 
Well that's all for this post. Day 4 of work tomorrow, almost the end of week 1!

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